2022 Military Salute Ticket Offer for WDW & USO

ETA: prices listed below may change on 11/16.

2022 Walt Disney World Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets • Military Disney Tips Blog

Ticket Prices :: Shades of Green

Shades of Green has posted 2022 Walt Disney World Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket prices. There has been nothing official from Disney World online yet!

But Shades of Green is always the first to know.

Prices are for 4-day and 5-day Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets all of which can have Disney Genie+ added for just under $15 per day depending on ticket choice.

2022 WDW Salute Ticket Prices

Basic Tickets

  • 4-day Park Hopper – $323
  • 4-day Park Hopper Plus – $353
  • 5-day Park Hopper – $343
  • 5-day Park Hopper Plus – $372

Tickets with Genie+

  • 4-day Park Hopper – $382
  • 4-day Park Hopper Plus – $412
  • 5-day Park Hopper – $416
  • 5-day Park Hopper Plus – $446

These are Shades of Green’s prices.
We have been advised that they are accepting pre-orders.

Ticket use dates are 1 January to 16 December 2022.

This is the only info available at this time we do not know if there are any Blockout dates

Still No Room Offer

Again this ticket only info has been posted by Shades of Green and not Disney World.

We will have to wait to hear from Disney on a 2022 Salute Room Offer.

ETA: officially posted on 11/16/21 post #9 included USO Military Freedom ticket prices (which didn’t see an increase from 2021. Nice, USO… no Chapek there :expressionless: )


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This is good info. The prices I shared were from Shades of Green. They’ll update at necessary

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Yes, impatiently waiting to see what the hotel discounts are. Started a trip budget spreadsheet using the 2021 discounts as a placeholder and it’s possible the military discount on dvc rooms (booked with Disney as hotel rooms) might be comparable to renting dvc points. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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All set, thanks Tink!

Usually they release ticket and room discount information at the same time. Maybe they will not be giving room discounts. I remember years ago that if the SoG was full they would offer us the same rate at the Swan or Dolphin; as a result we stayed there a few times in the past. SoG no longer makes those offers, that I’m aware of anyway. I’m surprised Steve from the Military blog didn’t make that statement he usually does; “Any military DoD benefit is a gift and not to be taken for granted.”

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TAKEN FROM MY NEWSLETTER EMAIL: links should be active. Prices have not changed since first post in this thread. HERE IS THE LINK TO ALL TICKETS AT SoG: Ticket Prices :: Shades of Green

I’m so happy to be able to announce that Walt Disney World has finally announced their 2022 Disney Armed Forces Salute.

This info includes Ticket and Room Discounts for 2022.

Here is the announcement post:

2022 Walt Disney World Disney Armed Forces Salute Announced

If today goes like normal, Disney’s phone lines will be very busy! See What to Expect on the Day Disney Announces the Disney Armed Forces Salute.

​On a side note: Universal Orlando has also renewed their Freedom Pass for 2022. A 365 day pass for one very low price, which did not increase from 2021.

Now go plan your vacation!!!

See ya real soon, Steve Bell

USO: 2022 Military Freedom Pass Adults 10+ & Child (3-9)

2-Park Park to Park $ 200.00 n/a $ 195.00 n/a
3-Park Park to Park $ 235.00 n/a $ 235.00 n/a

November 11, 2021 through December 31, 2022. Six (6) tickets per eligible valid military ID (not to exceed 12). Ticket must be purchased by eligible Service Member or spouse and activated at the time the Service Member/spouse is activating their own ticket. Eligible Service Members are Active or Retired US Military, National Guard, Active Reservists, US Coast Guard, Spouses of Eligible Service Member, DOD Civilian Employees

Tickets are valid through 12/31/2022 with no block-outs and unlimited use. The ticket expires in full on 12/31/2022. Includes admission to select live entertainment venues of Universal CityWalk. Valid Military ID must be presented at the time of exchange. Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be used by the same person on all days. Does not include admission to separately ticketed events. Parking is not included. Limit 6 tickets per year per valid military ID. 2-Park Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Island’s of Adventure. 3-Park Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Island’s of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay.


Thanks @ppehap for sharing early info.
Got my email newsletter today.
Glad Disney is electing to offer this again. I know we’re always tickled to get what we can.

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and I love was USO is doing, that’s the BEST deal.


FYI, I asked my TP travel agent to check on the military salute room discount since specific discount percentages aren’t given online.

*CBR, POP, campsites, and Villas Grand Floridan are excluded from discount. Other resorts may be extremely limited (Boardwalk had only 1 villas available for our dates)

Discounts will probably vary by date but our quotes for Boardwalk 1 bedroom and AKL 1 bedroom in May are about 35% the WDW rack rate and that price is actually lower than renting points from 3 rental shops I check. Plus booking it as a room only or package means deposit only can use Disney Visa for points and financing and can cancel if needed.

Also, our agent is able to add the Universal Orlando’s 2022 Freedom Pass to our Universal package instead of buying on base.

Universal’s military room discount for Sapphire Falls/Royal Pacific in mid May, discount was ~25%. It’s possible that military room discount is only available with package not room only.


I don’t really know anything about Universal’s military room rates or pkg. I will tell you if you buy the Military Salute from anywhere other than a mil installation you will pay more b/c they will add tax at the least and some places add on handling charges. The prices at SoG are what they list w/o any other charges includ. tax.

Historically mil room discounts have been 35% (deluxe), 25% (moderate), 15% (value). They seem to vary a little and have changed over the years. They have a set amount of inventory, but If they don’t have anything at one time they might later b/c military families frequently have to cancel trips due to TDYs & deployments. Keep checking back.

this is interesting… I wonder if the first two are due to their popularity/demand due to SL?


That’s my guess - it’s possible current bookings for those resorts in 2022 are better than the rest.

Also, quote for 2 Pop rooms w/o discount was still cheaper than 1 AoA Lion King Suite with the discount so at least for Pop it’s still more economic than the family suite, at least for us with an older kiddo.

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I think these are priced at/similar deluxe rates, right?

Very true, for the WDW salute tix, we always buy on base, but the Freedom Pass is cheap enough that if a vacation package is required for Universal room discount, it might be worth the extra tax for a longer stay since Freedom Pass is a flat price. If Universal hotel discount is good for room only reservation, I wouldn’t book a package.

Waiting to hear back from my agent if package is required. Will post once I get an answer.

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This is such a GREAT deal! We’ve never stayed on USO property. Good luck w/ finding the best deals.

oh BTW: We had Military Salute tickets that we converted into an AP, when they resumed sales. The CM tried to use a price lower than what we paid at SoG. I still had my receipt and the CM ended up honoring the amount we paid.

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I love the Freedom Pass deal! We stayed at Sapphire Falls for the first time last trip (rollercoasters and Harry Potter!) and liked it so much we’re doing it again this trip. This time we’re going to try out the Adventura.

That’s a great tip to know. Right now, we’re too far away to normally use APs (I can drive to Aulani in 30 min) but we may plan a trip next Christmas with friends so I’ll remember to keep my receipts.)

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Ha Aulani is our home DVC.

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Aulani resale points are on my bucket list as a graduation present to myself - I chose going back to college as my post retirement midlife crisis :joy:

I loved your Aulani trip report!

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