2022 Military Salute Ticket Offer for WDW & USO


:joy: doesn’t sound like much of a retirement, but then again I’m waiting for access to free classes as sr.

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So I asked my awesome Touring Plans TA for the benefits of bundling our Freedom Pass into a Universal vacation package.

As expected (I ask a lot of questions and haven’t stumped her yet lol), she had a detailed list of Universal package benefits:

“A Universal Package can include Freedom Passes and other options can be added on later like VIP tour, photo package, HP breakfasts, transfers between Disney & Universal, or anything else they offer.

There are no additional charges, taxes, or fees. It’s not costing you any more, it may actually be costing you less, and it allows you to cancel up until final payment date with no penalties vs. making a separate purchase of tickets that you’ll then be stuck with.

Packages require a $150 deposit (vs first night cost with the balance due 45 days before check-in.”

I did the math of the cost of a 3-day park pass included with our room would be $250.5 instead of 264.99.

The biggest benefit to us is that the cancellation policy would cover the package including the Freedom Passes, so if we have to cancel, we don’t have to eat the passes. This seems like a great benefits for military families traveling far to WDW.

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This is GREAT intel, thanks for sharing!!

We aren’t military, so don’t have access to these tickets.
But, I got all warm and fuzzy about Universal when I saw what a great deal they offered. I think I need to tell them that.


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I just sent them an email. It ended up evolving into a general fan-girl letter mentioning things like how the employees told us how well they were treated post-lockdown.


I got a really nice reply to the email. I am certain it had snippets of form letter in it because it was very polished. But, it had personalized sections in it too.
I am really looking forward to Epic opening so that I have an excuse to go back.