2020 Trips

Nov 1st- 5th at Pop Century!
1st- Disney Springs
2nd- UOR
5th- undecided. may try to add a 3rd day to my tickets and squeeze in AK for a few hours before flying out. if not, breakfast somewhere and leave late morning/early afternoon

I am same on all those dates! Also;
9/3 EP
If new ticket sales open I am trying for 9/5 MK Also. Unless waterparks open then we will be there on our nonpark days.

Looks like we are hanging out big time! :smiley:

Wait how are you 8/31 for MK and also 8/31 for HS??

I’m super skeptical we’ll feel comfortable going to Florida in October, but we’re currently scheduled for 10/9 - 10/17 split stay with either Dolphin or Shades (5 nights, both currently reserved) and Beach Club (3 nights). It’s the reschedule of our Spring Break trip which originally included UOR, but we went there last week :slight_smile:

4 day Park hoppers (military tickets, will be interesting to see if they do anything to make up for park hopping not being available) and a day at Kennedy Space Center is planned.

I’m thinking about booking a spring break 2021 trip as a backup to our backup October trip, as I wouldn’t be surprised if we were either still dealing with the first wave, or (assuming FL gets this current spike under control) in the middle of a second wave.

Bc I’m fat thumbs. 8/30 HS. 8/31MK

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I have same problem (and my thumbs aren’t really fat at all, so what if I actually had fat thumbs?!)

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We are scheduled for 10/17-10/27! I booked Epcot, DHS, MK, AK, Epcot, MK, DHS with a couple of pool days in between. It felt very weird just booking in the order that we would like to see the parks and not playing party/fireworks/EMH/EMM tetris!

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We are going October 18-24th. Staying at CBR which will be open by then. Bought 6 day park hopper tickets and my travel agent advised not to cancel them so they didn’t interfere with picking our parks. We reserved:
18th HS
19th MK
20th AK
21st Epcot
22nd HS
23rd MK
24th is departure day no park reserved.
It’s so hard because we don’t know what will be open by October or how things will change. But since I had the room booked and the tickets and I got in fairly easy on the park reservations I’m taking it as a sign that it will all work out. There’s no choice but to go with the flow at this point (unless you want to cancel), so that’s my plan, go with the flow.

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I am going to be back down 10/15-19 with my DD for her 16th bday trip, currently booked at POFQ, and not having success getting through on the TA line to modify.

July 26 - August 2nd - Riviera (EP, HS, MK, AK, EP, MK, AK, HS)

September 16 - 20 - BWV (EP, HS, MK, AK, MK)

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Do you need to modify resorts before you can book parks?

Moved our April trip to Aug 24 - Sept 4. This is only our 2nd WDW trip - our first was last year and we absolutely loved it and had to go back! Bad timing for this year, I know. We are fairly regular visitors to DLR though, so know how Disney trips work. Our primary interests are the rides and just being there in the beautiful parks. I HAD very good ADRs which were painfully wiped out, so now I’m not sure what I’ll end up getting. The loss of parades is no big deal for us since we never wanted to ‘waste time’ watching those when we could be hitting the rides. No fireworks and no characters are only a minor bummer. I am concerned about the lack of FP’s and virtual ques - I think that will be more of a nightmare than Disney thinks it will be. I just really want to do this trip already and stop thinking/worrying about it. My kids won’t hear of postponing, so we’re going full steam ahead and will enjoy it in whatever ways we can!

I need to get DD a ticket :frowning:

But, she has a 10 day ticket that we were/are going to upgrade to an AP, if that’s still a thing

And, if we don’t wind up going (because FL numbers are so bad and getting worse, whereas we in the northeast are decreasing), then I would want her to use part of that 10 day ticket then (and the rest in 2021)

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I am supposed to be at POFQ the exact same days. I am going to give it a couple of days before I call.

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Where should we try to land?? :smiley:

I am stuck in my thinking: if I call now, I will probably get put at CBR. No offense to it, also a new to me resort, and Skyliner. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut… if I wait and availability is gone there… will I be placed deluxe??

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Ahh makes sense!

FL numbers are making me very angry. I am so proud of our NE numbers!

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Yeah I am thinking I may have to go deluxe. Coronado opens on the 14th so maybe we can get into the tower.

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Wait, I thought we would have to pay the difference? Do you think they will just place us or do we have a choice?

Yes, you don’t get to pick.
If you take what is offered and it is equivalent or greater, you get comped
If you take what is offered and it is lesser (ie POFQ to Pop), you will get refunded the difference.
If you request ANY changes at all, or want other than what is offered to you, you pay the difference for the move.

That’s why I’m thinking - if I wait and they run out of CBR or CSR – will I land at deluxe? Or do I run the risk of gettind downgraded (with refund)

Well dang that changes everything

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