2020 Trips

So, who all is returning when the parks open?

We will arrive July 12th and stay until July 17th @ Pop Century

Got park reservations for MK, EPCOT and HS. 18 days and counting!


Aug. 5-7, Universal. Driving and staying at Endless Summer.
Aug. 7-14, Disney World, staying at Pop Century.

Dec. 1-9, Disney World. Flying and staying at Boardwalk 1 bedroom, and The Contemporary.


Assuming my hotel gets straightened out, we’ll be there…
Supposed to be AKL, but they don’t have an opening date so I’m waiting on UT/Disney Wholesale to move me.

Assuming numbers are such that we feel okay going we are:

BLT lake view 8/28-8/31
AKL-K standard view 8/31-9/6

We will be:
8/28: EP
8/29: MK
8/30: EP
8/31: MK
9/1: family to UOR, me to AK
9/2: AK
9/3: HS
9/4: AK
9/5: HS
9/6: HS - may modify if possible and we feel we’ve done enough HS; would want to modify to MK as I prefer to bookend my trips. We opted for EP on arrival, though, as we won’t be there until noon-ish and didn’t want to take the chance of not getting all the hours we can in MK.

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Still waiting on how Disneyland will operate or even open. If so…

Sept. 20 - 26. If I need to “pick” each park to visit each day, like WDW, it’ll be 3 days DLR / 2 Days DCA… probably doing DCA on the more traditionally busier days of the week for DLR (Monday / Friday) so I can knock them out when less people are at DCA.

I sympathize will all everyone doing their WDW reservations, but OMG is it frustrating not even knowing if Disneyland’s opening will happen or any news about the new procedures!

I actually envy all of you frustrated WDW visitors right now!! :rofl::crazy_face:


well I know DL called workers back yesterday so, one step closer!

Yeah… but according to the OC Register those CMs are for the resorts that have been approved to be reopening… not for inside the parks :grinning:

Hey, a step is a step!

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10 park days sounds amazing. DD5 and I convinced DW to do 5.5 park days next trip. We usually do 4.5.

Before I met my wife, I did some trips with 7+ park days. When my wife and I were dating, we went for 8 days once (she didn’t realize what she was getting herself into by dating a big Disney fan)… by day 5 she was sending me off to the parks alone while she sat by the pool.

July 24th - AKL Kidani
7/25 HS
7/26 MK
7/27 AK
7/28 EP
7/29 HS

8/26 Poly
8/26 MK
8/27 HS
8/28 EP
8/29 AK

10/27 Boardwalk Villa
10/27 HS
10/28 EP
10/29 AK
10/30 EP
10/31 MK

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Maybe we will see you on 8/28 :grinning:

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July 16-20 Pop Century (EP, HS, MK, HS, AK)
September 5-8 Pop Century (HS, MK, EP, HS)
December 9-17 Contemporary/Pop split stay (MK, EP, AK, HS, MK, HS, EP, AK)
And just now booked Feb 4-8-21at AoA (EP, HS, MK, EP, HS)

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Before the current situation we got 10 day hoppers because my son wanted to do 4P1D and we figured after 5 days the cost is minimal to add more days; we figured we might like the opportunity to do some half park days and/or pop in and out as we please

Under current circumstances, aware that we will have to wear masks and on board with that, but not being certain of how we will fare, we figured the 10 day will be good so we can duck out if it gets to be too much, in effect giving us that half day park feel without the structure of it. We also don’t know how necessary it will be to spend a lot of hours in the parks depending on crowds.

We definitely need and want to take in the resorts. We are lucky, being DVC, that we have the luxury of going often and we try more and more each time to slow down and enjoy the whole thing, not just the parks.


8/22-8/30 Contemporary Garden Wing
8/22 Epcot
8/23 MK
8/24 AK
8/25 HS
8/26 MK
8/27 HS
8/28 AK
8/29 EP
8/30 MK

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Hope so! As it gets closer we can make plans that are a little more firm

Arriving BLT 8/28. We should try to connect

I am “demanding” a 1st floor room. reduced park hours = cocktail parties on a garden wing tiny patio


I’ll invite myself over :smiley:

assuming all the stars align and I can buy tickets for my kids and don’t have to quarantine when I get back home:

Oct 8-13 Riviera (MK, HS, EP, HS, AK, EP)


I hope all of you going in July will do trip reports! I cannot wait to read a new trip report… Not to mention ones with tales of masks and limited capacity.