2020 Moonlight Magic

I am curious how many owners received emails about the 2020 Moonlight Magic events.

  • I received the Moonlight Magic email from DVC and I do not have a blue card.
  • I received the Moonlight Magic email from DVC and I have a blue card.
  • I did not receive the Moonlight Magic email, but I sometimes get DVC emails, and I don’t have a blue card.
  • I did not receive the Moonlight Magic email, but I sometimes get DVC emails, and I have a blue card.
  • DVC sends emails?

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I am posting the link “just in case”.

And i immediately booked stays during the announced dates!


I created the poll because I might be a little annoyed that they can send me emails to but Riviera but they can’t seem to manage this type of communication (or a DVC magnet).


I wasn’t receiving AP emails and missed a bunch of offers. There was some complex set of buttons in MDE I. Had to. Have just right in MDE, I learned when I called to ask why I wasn’t getting them. Maybe try calling DVC to see if it is a similar thing in the DVC portal?

I texted my son to see if he received it. I am trying to figure out if it changed when I said I would go paperless. I know it doesn’t make sense, but that is Disney.

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I’ve never had an issue receiving emails but i just might be lucky - received it Wed, Oct 23, 10:50 AM. The dates never work out for me though, just seem to always be one week before or after my trip windows.

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I don’t think I will know if it was never sent, or if my Comcast email is blocking it again! I do have a studio booked at CC for one of the MK dates! Wish me luck!


What’s the email address they come from? I just looked and it looks like I’ve received 0 emails from dvc since January(despite allowing it)

email came from disneyvacationclub@email.dvcmember.com I would check your junk/spam folder, logon to the dvc web site and check your profile, etc.

You missed one.

I don’t get emails other than about my reservations. But that’s because I’m in the UK and they don’t have a licence to sell or market anything here.

Haven’t voted. Can yoy add a category of “international guest”?

Otherwise it is either the last one or blue card & sometimes get emails.

I did, all check out. I just am not getting emails.

Well that’s irritating.

Give them a call - honestly if your email address is correct and you haven’t ever unsubscribed or opted out of communication you should get them.

I tried but it will not let me edit - sorry!

I have confirmed that my 27 year old son got the email. Sigh…

Just a reminder to everyone.

You do not have to receive the email to be able to register for Moonlight Magic.



I would think most everyone here would have the dates on their calendars with a reminder in place (yesterday):grinning:

Take away my liner card because I don’t have those dates in place.:joy:

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yes but you do have to receive emails to be in on the know for a lot of stuff DVC does so you can at least know to sign up. (Like the thanksgiving feast that apparently sold out quickly and no site anywhere posted any information on, INCLUDING DVC’s own site, except DVCFan a few days after it debuted).