2 day tour plan does not display second day

I have tried several ways to create a 2 day MK touring plan. In the base plan (Unofficial MK 2-day for Adults) there is a link near the top to swap back and forth between day 1 and day 2. Once I name the plan and set our start date, the second day completely disappears. I can find no link to it, and in the dash board in only shows the first day (the start date). Baffling - and becoming a big time waster. Any suggestions?


I apologize, but I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding what you mean / are trying to do. If I am understanding you correctly, you want to make a MK touring plan for 2 days using the templates - not a personalized plan? You aren’t doing a subscription based personalized plan?

To do this you have to make each day separately and then print it. As far as I know, there’s no way to save the templates after you are done. Being able to save a plan you’ve created is something for subscribers. If you are a subscriber and still need help saving your plans I can walk you through it.

Please, let me know if this has helped or if I’m not understanding what you are attempting.

First things first, we did pay for a subscription. It seems to me that TP.com intends the user to begin with a template, such as the Unofficial MK 2-day for Adults. When I select that, it allows you to flip back and forth between the two days. Good. After I personalize the plan, such as giving it a date, the second day disappears, it is inaccessible. In the dashboard it shows only the first day. At this point I am not trying to print anything, just organzing and optimizing the two days (which is hard when only one is available). I have started over 4 or 5 times. This seems really basic.

If you are on your dashboard, on the right side of the page, scroll down a bit you should see a list of your personalized touring plans. They should be listed here.


If you click on the big “My Personalized Touring Plans” heading, it will take you to the master list. On that page there is also a button to create a new custom plan (“Add WDW Plan”). This is how I always create my own plans from scratch.

Thanks Jordan, I get that, and I have been to that screen. This is our first trip to WDW, so beginning with a 2 day template (which is what the site is advertising) seems like the best way to start. Then my wife and I can toss out all the character meetings and delete attractions we don’t want. If we start from scratch I am likely to leave off something we would do. Deleting is easier than creating from scratch. That is why the missing page is aggravating.

I had the same problem opening the day2 plan. I’ll go see what I did.

Ok… I think where the issue may lie is that before you start working on your plan you have to go to your dashboard and click “Add Trip”. This is located on the left of the screen, under “My Trips”:

Once you’ve done that, and input your dates, any plans you create, or have already created, should appear in your dashboard going forward.

I have had what you say happened to you happen to me more than once when I want to copy a trip I’ve made into a different date, but forgot to actually “+Add a Trip” first. Let me know if that helps!

Adding the Trip was a good thing to do for several reasons, but it did not solve the problem. I am going to send several screen shots.

So here, clear as day, you can see the link to Day 2 of the plan, and it works perfectly.

From the first screen shot I clicked “Copy This Plan”, and then I personalize the date and plan name.

I should have written, from this point forward there is NO LINK to page 2 of the plan.

Finally, back in the dashboard, Day 2 does not show up. When I click on Day 1, I am back where I started and with no link to day 2. I truly welcome any suggestions. Thanks, C

I may be wrong but I think you need to go back to the 2 day plan page and then hit the link to second day button. Once the second day shows up then personalize that to add your dates and then be able to delete things. It will be a separate plan though not able to toggle between the 2. Personalized Touring plans will not optimize over 2 days only over 1 day, so after you change them from a generic plan the plans become 2 separate plans and are no longer linked. It is not explained well on the website on how that works.

Don’t go to your personalized plans. Go to the area with the standard plans and click on the Day 2 link which is small (like in my screenshot). Once you it open, edit the name and save

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This is a doable workaround - thanks. From EACH day, I had to click ‘Copy This Plan’. So in the dashboard it created the plan as two separate dates, and I am sure they are not linked. As a web designer for many years, this is NOT what I expected. The web user guy in me thought you should just create a 2 day plan one time, and it would be in the dashboard as a single event. Once in the ‘2-day’ event, we should be able to move back and forth between the two days, or even shuffle an event easily from one day to the other. Shawthorne, I only saw the day two link you mentioned in the plans for small children. In the adult plans it is not there in the descriptions. I have been online since 1998, this should not have been so difficult. Thanks for your help. C

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I agree that TP is not intuitive. It took me a long time to “get used to it”. I will say, having read your earlier posts, that using the templates isn’t how 90% of ppl use Touring Plans. IME - Those templates are for non-subscribers to see what TP is capable of.

Your best solution is to create a personalized plan. If you want to use the steps in the template, just write them down and input them into your plan. This should fix everything and make it easier to use. Please, let me know if you have any other issues!

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Another key point here is the software is set up to “optimize” your plan, in terms of reducing the wait times or time spent walking between attractions/meals/etc. It would be awesome if you could “optimize” a plan across multiple days but this is not how the current system works. It is limited to single-day touring plans. So if you want to know the best way to tour Magic Kingdom over 2 or 3 days, you have to create a separate plan for each day and keep playing around with them until they meet your desired parameters.


Thanks again for the support and guidance. My rule of thumb is always - ‘simplify’.
One other small suggestion, it would be great to have a page online with all the acronyms used in the site (and forum). I believe the Unofficial book has such a page, but people are using additional ones online, it is hard for the new visitor to figure some of them out. Now lets just hope WDW RO (reopens).