10 nights at Poly or 14 nights at diff Deluxe

Looking at another trip for next August. Previously have stayed at WL, AOA (son’s pick), AKL, and YC. Normally do 10 nights but plan was to do a 2 week vacation so that we could take advantage of direct flights and of course more Disney :-). However, son now wants to stay at Poly and with the cost increase over the other deluxes we have stayed at I figured I would have to cut the trip back to 10 nights. Just wondering if people would go with the 2 weeks at another deluxe or would go with the 10 nights at Poly? Is the Poly worth the extra cost?

That is a tough question to answer for someone else as it is so personal and depends on what your most important priorities are for the trip. I’ve stayed at the Poly before and intend to do so again on our next trip as well. Great location and it has some of the larger rooms of any Disney resort. This may sound corny, but my suggestion would be to imagine for a moment that is it a week or two AFTER your trip next August and try to think of what you wish you would have done that you did not. In other words, do what you want so that you do not look back with regret afterwards. The great memories will last a long time after you’ve forgotten how much the trip cost.

Why not do a split stay?

If necessary, i.e. if the cost is too high with 2 deluxe, think about a week in a moderate (one of the Port Orleans maybe) and a week at the Poly. That would probably be about the same price wise.

Make sure you do the mod first, so you are moving up to a deluxe. If I didn’t have DVC I would love to stay at POR. Maybe I will one day, to extend our stay a bit.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I too thought of a split stay. How about something like one week POR and one week Poly?

Don’t forget there may be sales between now and then. If the poly price for today at 10 days goes on sale, you might be able to afford it.

But for now, could you do, say 8 days at Poly and 6 at Wilderness Lodge or Contemporary or Beach Club? What is the price difference? Maybe you can make a split stay work with all deluxe if you add just a bit to your budget?

Also, how old is DS? Are we talking a teen who will pout if he doesn’t get his way or a 5 year old that just wants to play in that pool area? Figure out what the draw is for Poly and see if another resort will meet his needs.

EDIT: I should also ask, is there a price difference on those flights? Any savings that you could add to the hotel cost?

14 days, different deluxe. We did not like The Poly. But a split stay is a great option if you want to check it out.

yes considered a split stay…that is what we did this past trip with AKL and YC and it worked out well.

yes i thought of POR as an option. I just prefer deluxe for balcony :slight_smile:

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DS is only 9 and he won’t pout if he does not get his way :-). flights are usually comparable prices I just like convenience of direct. Yes I will def keep an eye out for room discount. The dang Canadian dollar exchange just always adds even more to the package cost.

thanks good to know :slight_smile:

I have a feeling not all Poly rooms have balconies …? Someone may be able to confirm this, something about the second floor maybe.

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You need to request a 3rd floor room for a balcony.


To me, a longer stay is more important than the resort. But, for 2 weeks a split stay seems to be the best choice. 1 week at the Poly, 1 week somewhere else that meets with your budget. Do the Poly last as it is what your son is looking forward to. My kids have just as much fun at the moderate resorts as they do deluxe. We usually do a 3 way split stay over 11 nights in April: 2-3 nights at Universal, 4 nights moderate, 4-5 nights deluxe. It works great, split stays are pretty easy, especially if the day you change resorts is a sleep in morning so no hurry to get to the parks.

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Have you gotten a quote from Magical Vacation Travel? We are staying club level at the Poly during the week between Christmas and New Years. The agency exclusive deal is saving us $1000 on a 5 night standard view room and we are now club level which comes with some great perks. Maybe if you can get a deal then you can swing 14 nights. For me personally, I would rather have more days at Disney and would try to do the split stay like many of have recommended. That way you get Poly and another resort.

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We always split stays between universal and disney

Swan and dolphin are cheap

Universal deluxe are expensive but you have to stay in them for the unlimited fastpass

But one great place to stay we think is renaissance seaworld

Cheaper than universal and disney but good place to stay for seaworld, a day in bush gardens but also to still get to disney parks if you want to

What can you do at Polynesian resort that justifies a shorter holiday by 4 days?

I’ve no idea - it mus be good

And I honestly found the swan no different to the yacht club - we’ve stayed in both. It’s just a room to be close to epcot and hollywood studios

You get the all the disney EMH’s and shuttles etc and early booking of fastpasses but cheaper

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We’ve stayed many times at the Poly. Never again until they upgrade all the rooms. The location is amazing it’s just tired. Considering the cost I’d stay at any of the others over the Poly. However a split stay (4 days) would give you a taste without breaking the bank.

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Re: Swan / Dolphin and YC…

3 letters - SAB.

Personally, I could not consider S/D or BWI simply because of the pool. :slight_smile:

Which pool are you talking about at dolphin and swan?

There’s an adult one at the swan but at the dolphin there is a great pool complex with several pools that we could use?

It was great for kids plus the basketball/sports court next to them?

Plus they had a good kids club there?

Have I missed something about the dolphin pool complex that’s bad?


14 days at another Deluxe, no question about it. You can always go over to the Poly to check out the resort - it is a nice resort, but IMO it is not so nice as to merit losing four days.