10 day trip but on 7 day AP FPP. What to do?

Family and I going on 10 day trip to WDW, staying off site. Wife is getting AP. So we all can make 10 days worth of FPP, but she can only make 7days. Once I use up a day’s FPP for her, I can make the “8th” day (or tecnically the new 7th day)

Overall, planning are getting the 10days worth of FPP since it is most likely easier to get 9 FPP 30 days out than, say, 7 days out.

So my options are:

  1. Rolling FPP days 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, 4-10 - that is pick up the “missing” day after FPP run out
  2. Ensure the harder FPP come in first and pick up easier FPP in the middle.

So here’s the daily plan over 14 days

  1. AK
  2. EP
  3. MK
  4. EP
  5. off
  6. off
  7. AK
  8. MK
  9. HS
  10. off
  11. HS
  12. off
  13. EP
  14. MK

So here are a couple of options I thought:

Option a. Get FPP for days 1-9. Then on end of day 1, get it for day 11, day 2->day 13, day 3-day 14.

Option b. because we want to ensure a magical last day (well-timed) day 14. Pick up FPP for days 1-8 and 14. Then pick up day 13 after day 1, and then pick HS after day 2 and 3.

For option b: I figured slighting HS might be best since 2 FPP will most likely be shows. Also, if we hit RnR, little one can’t ride so could grab his band. The issue would be getting ToT or ASS or TSMM. But I thought trying to get “1” pass might be easier for any of those

Option c. Same as Option B, but pick up HS first, then EP, then HS. That ensures everyone gets to ride together at HS as we would have done “everything” together at all the parks previously.

Option d: ugh,another option…have her pass skip some AK stuff that the little ones can’t ride and then just switch MBs. Although, she or I would take littles on NRJ while other on Panadora (hoping for SDFP - i proved a 10 person FPP SDFP previously with pandora)

Any feedback appreciated.

How many littles do you have who can’t ride FOP? If there are any rides like RnR that one of the littler kids won’t ride I’d use their account to book at FP for your wife to use, then once that day is available for her to book get an easier, less-thrilling FP for that kid to use.

Numerically I’d probably get FPP for days 1, 3, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 14, and then fill in Day 2 after Day 1, Day 4 after Day 2, and Day 9 after Day 3. That way you’re taking advantage of your long stay, your final Epcot and HS days will also be as well-timed as possible, and Epcot seems like it generally has more next-day FP availability than the other parks. Though that may change since it’s the only park without EEMH.


1 kid can’t ride FOP. Again, hoping for SDFP. as family, prolly with do NTJ and KS. EE and dinosaur will knock out 2 kids.

So looked at tomorrow’s epcot for 1 person. TT is not until mid-afternoon, also MS is out. However, if i look 7-11 days out both TT and MS are available - much later than wanted. Living w/ Land is always there :slight_smile: Hmm…

This took me a bit to figure out what you mean, but I’m questioning whether that is allowed. I thought you could only book FPP for 7 days in a 30 day period. So, after you book 7 days of FPP for your wife, she’s done with FPPs for the rest of the trip.


Oh my. I never thought of that: Within 30 days she only gets 7 days. I thought she could only have maximum of 7 days of FPP at any given time, no date range limitations. Thanks for the fear @ryan1 :slight_smile:

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But once I complete a day of FPP, I only have 6 days of FPP in the system.

The 30 day window would be almost meaningless if it was meant to be read that way.

Off-site AP can only book up to 30 days in advance. They limit total FPP days to 7 within that 30 days. Once a day is passed (and FPP used up), then the next day and rolling 30 opens up.


Any AP people want to chime in on this?

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Separate from @ryan1’s concern, I just remembered that because you’re offsite you can’t book all your days at once, you have to wait for 30 days before each day, right? If I’ve got that right, there’s no real advantage to using her 7 days to secure later days’ FPPs (i.e. you’re still looking at 30 day availability, not 30+11 or whatever), so I’d go with Option B or Option C.

If 7 days of FPPs is a hard limit rather than a rolling window, I’d look at ride swap options or basically using 9 FPPs to cover the 10 of you. To me the language isn’t clear if it’s a rolling window or a hard 60 day limit.

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Off-site, yes, Not at once, yep. I woke up every day at 5am for ADRs to cover the trip and gotta do it again for FPP. Not as early though, yea!

The question still applies though. Wife can’t book all 10 days. She can only pick 7 until she starts using them. So my original question still stands. Which days do I NOT book and pick up as soon as she drops to 6 days of FPP?

Have you bought her AP yet? I’m thinking maybe you buy her a 10 day ticket, make all the FPPs, then convert the 10-day ticket to a AP once you are there.

Bought AP last year at 850 before 2x price increases. Not willing to spend the difference at this point.

that is sensible. I’m sorry I don’t have any other ideas to help :frowning:

I get what you are saying, but I think you don’t get to pick the 30 day window. I think it means in any 30 day period, only 7 days of FPPs can be booked. So that would mean 30 days on either side of things.

It is the rolling 30day window just like offsite people, except limited to 7.

So if i understand what you are saying, that if I had an AP pass and started booking Sep 1-7, that i could NOT book again until Oct 1, given there are 30 days in September? That means AP can book up to 7 FPP in 30 day cycles? that seems weird.

I think within the next 30 days, only 7 of those days can have upcoming FPP.

Curious about this too… I’m an AP holder but I’ve never done more than 7 park days in a solo trip. And when I went with my family last year and was the only AP holder in the group, it just worked out that we did 7-day tickets for everyone else, without even thinking about the 7-day limit for AP FPPs.

But we have a family trip in the works for next spring that could very well end up being more than 7 park days, so we will be facing the same dilemma. :grimacing:

I think this is probably true.

But this is where you lose me. Once the first of the 7 days is used, then you only have 6 days of FPPs in the system and I would think you could book another day within the next 30. I haven’t tried, so I don’t know for certain (hopefully someone will come along who has done this and can help us out!) but I just can’t imagine that the rules could mean that you have to wait until 30 days have elapsed before making more FPPs. :thinking:

If you stay on property the FPP limit no longer applies, since your length of stay trumps the 7 day limit of the AP.

There is a special AP holder phone number with dedicated AP assistance you could call – check your MDE account on the special AP page. They should be able to answer whether you could book more FPP once you’ve used a day.

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