1:45 am... Be Our Guest is up!

Get in there, people!

Anyone else having trouble logging in? Bloody annoying…

not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but the BOG page isn’t updated.

You have to use the main dining page/search function

enter your date, time and # of people. Click on Search
scroll down to BOG
click on the time bubble
you’ll go through the reservation process with ease.

also it’s working on the app from what I hear. but the app keeps crashing on me and won’t even open.

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Woot! Got ours this morning! Hope all the liners that were trying got in and got a reservation.

Thank you for the tip @DarthDopey, it was driving me insane!!
Also, another tip for everyone: they seem to be opening blocks up, if at first you don’t see what you like, try again I got my perfect hour on the fourth or fifth glance.
Good luck everyone and don’t forget to try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!

Got mine! Up extra early before getting DS on the bus. There seemed to be a lot of choices for my day - 7/29.

I am having zero luck for an end of April date. phooey.

Hmmmm. It doesn’t show up on my MDE, and when I try to link it the site tells me it can not be located as entered. Guess I’m going to have to get onthe phone anyway. :cry:

Just got off the phone with Tech services. The demand for BOG reservations is so great it you can’t get through on the phones and it crashed the ADR system. If you have a confirmation # you are OK, but at the moment they can’t even research people who made reservations but didn’t get the confirmation.

No luck on any days through August 23.


len, were you looking at the BOG page or the main dining page/search page?

I was looking at the main dining page as you suggested and saw nothing. But I see chat folks seeing availability but they keep getting bounced out.

just saw on chat that the system is now down for CM’s too. ouch.

Yes, I have a young single mom friend who I’ve been counseling because its her first trip and she is clueless. BOG was my last advice. She got on after midnight, as I suggested, but she got bounced out she says. Not sure what that means and if she got to the credit card page. Maybe she has a ressie but doesn’t know it? What happened if you went through the BOG page and not main dining?

Sorry to hear people are having trouble, hope it works out for everyone.
Being in the UK I checked when I arrived at work and managed to get a reservation on the app via the book new dining reservation route (around 4am EST). Annoying that people were told it was 6am that the reservations would go up, I just checked early as I was up and about anyway bit different if its the middle of the night!
I got to credit card page (pre loaded with info as I was in the app) and clicked to say I accepted T&Cs then went to page saying congratualtions (I think). I then got email confirmation but the reservation does not appear in my disney experience.

B x

for a while, it was just showing dinner only and not lunch. but if you went through the main page and searched for lunch, BOG times would appear. I clicked on the time bubbles (and didn’t go through to the BOG page) and was able to book all the way through.

Correction: Reservation now appearing in My Disney Experience but has taken some time.


The website is showing no availability for lunch on either of our dates. Called on phone and agent said reservations system is down.

Yes. Exactly.