Yummy desserts


Hey all! So vacation is my time to eat like there's no tomorrow, so I'm looking for everyone's favorite baked good or ice cream treat that they find throughout Disney world that I should try. Such as the best bakery or places in downtown Disney etc that I can pick up delicious treats at and eat once the kids go to bed (or possibly share haha). Thanks in advance as always!


Strawberry cream cheese cupcake from BOG, you can get it to go after your meal, omg so yummy!


In the AK, go to Tamu Tamu for the double chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich ( you can use a snack credit) I love it and get this every time.

Another would be going to Epcot in France at Boulangerie Patisserie. You can't go wrong with any of these. Here is a picture of what we got - Sooooo goood.


I love the ice cream in France.


Jammy Dodgers at Cookes of Dublin in Disney Springs. They are magnificent!


Anything from Ghiradelli at Disney Springs is AMAZING! They're brownies to go are an awesome night snack or the ice cream sundaes with hot fudge are breathtaking too!! It is a must do for us every time we go to Disney.


We went to try the French ice cream shop in Epcot on our last morning but sadly it didn't open til 12pm

The night before in Monsieur Paul we had a fabulous chocolate sphere dessert where they pour hot chocolate sauce on a chocolate sphere and it all melts away

That's a must have dessert

Have to say though that the best sweet thing we had all holiday was ice cream from the ice cream parlour in diagonal alley Universal

The flavours and tastes are incredible. Would recommend the apple crumble or the salted caramel or the sticky toffee pudding.

In fact all of them!

So tasty and special.


I agree with all of the above, but just a warning that the cupcakes at BOG are tiny and not shareable - not the huge ones you see elsewhere. (Moment of silence for the Butterfinger cupcake that was my favourite snack at Starring Rolls).


I believe that you can still get it at the Trolley Car Cafe. I got one there after Starring Rolls closed. It took me two days to eat it!


I thought it was moving there, but if you search for it on the TP app, it's not listed! Thanks for the first hand confirmation!!


I think it is labeled as something different . Maybe chocolate peanut butter or something like that?


The chocolate peanut butter was a separate cupcake. But it could be a different name due to trademarks maybe. I like the choc peanut butter one too!


It's at the Trolley Cart Cafe. I grabbed one on our way out of the park in June. It's huge!


Brilliant, the menu on the app mustn't be up to date. I normally get about 3/4 of the way through and then realise I'm so full I'll throw up if I take another bite!