Your Favorite Universal Pictures

I love the interaction here on the forum and I really love seeing people’s trip pictures. I thought I would start a thread where we could share our favorite pictures from our trips. That always gets me psyched for another trip! So, please, add your pictures. I would love to see them! I’ll start with a few of mine.

DS when he was chosen for the wand show:

Empty Diagon Alley:

The EA crew in our family. Cheering our choice not to sleep in:

During the Immigration Tour at MIB:

DS and I in our 10th ride on Forbidden Journey:


My ID pic is one of my favorites. I often feel self conscious of my appearance. I’ve got a weird smile and I used to be really fat. However, I lost a bunch of weight and my USF/IOA trip was my celebration. So pretty much all of the pics from that trip are my favorites. Here’s a couple more:

(The last picture I got framed and have it at my office. It’s a good one of the whole family! It’s rare that we all agree that we like a group photo.)


Not necessarily a “favorite”. Most of the good pictures are on my wife’s phone. But I did have this one, from 2018.


Love this !


BTW - your nighttime pic of Diagon Alley is Amazing! Did you have to wait until close or when everyone else was at a show?

Shortly before park close, we got in line for Gringotts. The ride temporarily broke down, so by the time we got off of it, the park had been closed for a while and they had already gotten everyone out of Diagon Alley. I took a bunch of pictures as we were VERY slowly walking from the ride out of Diagon Alley. And the rest of the park was pretty empty as well, so we got a lot of great pictures.


I can’t post any since FB and IG aren’t showing pics, but I will get some tomorrow.


I love this thread! I have lots, but not on this computer. I’ll see if if I can upload some more later.


Ok these are some of my favourites.


And these are from an older trip.


So — what? — you expect me trawl though all my UOR pictures and pick some out just for your entertainment?


I’ve chosen this one to make the point that UOR does theming just as much as WDW does.

I have so many Diagon Alley pictures, especially of the dragon. I like this one because I literally just arrived and — boom! — the dragon was roaring fire.

UOR has some beautiful vistas. Sadly you can’t see this one now because the area where it was taken from is being redeveloped into a Jurassic Park ride.

I asked the conductor to pose and he did a great job. Very friendly!

No idea who the kids are. I just love the look on the conductor’s face.


DD’s shirst says “I’m here for the sweets” which is true, but could also say “and rides” :joy:

We are still talking about this, even non-Potter loving DD. So much fun…the waiting, the newness of the ride, etc…


Those are all lovely shots, and I haven’t seen any pictures like the one with all the stairs (inside Weasley Wizard Wheezes I’m guessing?) before. Where’s the first shot, with the turquoise river and trees, from?

This thread has me even more excited about our trip, if that’s possible.


Yes that’s Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and the first one is from the walking path from HRH to CityWalk.

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