Your favorite table service at or around the Magic Kingdom

We are going to WDW for the first time in 3 weeks. We have all our table reservations done but need suggestions for one at or around the Magic Kingdom. The one catch is I have 2 boys and they do not want princesses. We have Artist Point now but not sure if they are to keen about Snow White. Thanks for any help!

In Magic Kingdom - I like Skipper Canteen
Close by - WL - Whispering Canyon Cafe
Poly - Ohana - but this could be tough to get at this point;
there are others like Cali Grill that I love as an adult - don’t know if I would take 2 boys
My boys did love Hoop Dee Doo in Ft. wilderness even when they were young


My DS enjoyed CRT despite the princesses (though that may partially be because of the elevator, he looooves elevators), and my MIL raved about the food. They went for breakfast. In general she really disliked the food at WDW. CRT was the only place she asked to go back to on our next trip.

We didn’t like BOG for dinner. The food was fine, but we got terrible service there.

We’re planning on trying Ohana next trip. I’ve heard good things about it.

Crystal Palace isn’t bad. It’s another Buffet though. Different characters such as Pooh, etc.

Our favorite is Liberty Tree Tavern. It’s family style and so so good. It’s easy and there is something for everyone.


The Wave at the Contemporary is one of our favorites. I recommend the breakfast in particular but dinner is very good.

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We really enjoyed Skipper Canteen on our trip in January. All three rooms are really well themed, and the whole concept is great if you like the humor of the Jungle Cruise (I do. My family … humors me). We sat in the Jungle room in front of the “great wall of china” and had a great lunch. My kids especially liked the Volcano! dessert.

FWIW my DS12 really enjoyed our dinner at AP. He wasn’t excited about meeting Snow White, but he loved meeting Grumpy and Dopey and had a great time trying to make the Evil Queen laugh. The food there is delicious.

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I would keep Artist Point. We went with 4 boys and 2 girls and everyone had a blast. The boys loved Grumpy and Dopey and honestly the Evil Queen was the best. Everyone liked the food as well.

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Do you have free time after or before the reservation? We really enjoyed Trails End & the kids loved the playground there too. It was one of our favorite nights of our trip!