Your favorite lunch place at Epcot

We currently have an ADR at Akershus and I am thinking about canceling it. I go back and forth honestly on whether or not to cancel. It’s exoensive and we are already doing CRT the day before. In case we cancel it, what’s your favorite lunch place? Would probably prefer a place on the cheaper side if I am going to make the switch

Although it is often loud & busy, I do really like Sunshine Seasons because it has so many choices and everyone can come away happy! My group of 5 adults (with 5 kids) all agreed it was our favorite QS in the parks during our trip this past December, not only because the food was good but because it wasn’t tough to get a table for all of us, it was simple to hop from one counter to another, and there were lots of choices & desserts available. Plus the people watching can be crazy too!

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My favorite is Tangierine Cafe. I just live the lamb plate /

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Sunshine Seasons and the QS in Japan

My favorite is Biergarten, but if it must be on the inexpensive side, Sunshine Seasons is good.

I was looking through some Epcot menus today and noticed some of the more walk-up type places looked appealing. For example, Choza de Margarita in Mexico offers empanadas, tacos, and guacamole. Not sure if you are definitely needing a sit down meal, but we are considering just eating these type things as we stroll along for lunch one day.


Yum! That sounds delicious! My family would love that!

Funny, Epcot, even with world showcase is my hardest meal to plan due to picky kids. Last time we got chicken nuggets and fish and chips from the stands.

My favorites are Les Halles and Tangierine Cafe in WS and Sunshine Seasons in FW.

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For TS Biergarten or Via Napoli. For QS Tangerine or Katsura.

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Not necessarily cheaper but Garden Grill! The food is great, the characters are great, and the rotation is fun too!