Your dream solo day... help me plan!

You have a non hopper world ticket, an AP for uni, no car, and time from about 9-6. Your home base is royal pacific, and you have no epcot day planned for your 5 nights onsite at wdw starting the next day.

I have not been to Universal, but here are my dream solo plans for the end of August. Feel free to borrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here was my 11 day dream solo trip I took in September.
I’d say the highlights were AK after hours, Victoria and Alberts for dinner, Afternoon Tea at the GF, HEA, Galaxys edge, ToT, EE, FoP, Volcano Bay, Tiffins, Jiko, Sanaa, Boma breakfast. It’s all so fun. I will be back next week!

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Oh I followed you real time for that one. It’s what made me want a solo day in the first place!!!

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I was a little unsure what you were explaining but now I understand. You will have one day solo and your start point is royal pacific with both a Disney day ticket and Universal annual pass? You are going to Disney after the solo day. How many days are you at universal before that?
P.s. that’s awesome. Thank you. You are gonna LOVE it.

Today is my only solo day, just finished 2 at uni and tmw starts 5 at poly and wdw

Is Epcot important to you or are you skipping it because no one wants to go?

I love animal kingdom solo so I would spend the day there. I would do EE, safari, FoP, Tiffins, satuli, nomad lounge.
But if you won’t get to Epcot and this is your only chance then go there. I would ride spaceship earth, pick up same day FP for frozen and eat at either monsieur Paul or takumi tei because I haven’t tried them yet.