Young kids and DHS

Ok, so my trip is in two weeks. We have two boys with a bit of an age gap - DS11 and DS4. DS11 is excited about everything from seeing Galaxy’s Edge for the first time (we haven’t seen it yet) to going on old favorites at MK, so there’s no issue there.

For DS4 we will have to find things to do when the rest of us go on a few rides that he’s not interested in / a bit scared of. At MK, Epcot, and AK, I can think of a long list of things to do, but I’m a bit stumped by DHS. So - parents - anyone have ideas on how to entertain young children while older children go on rides like RotR, RnRC, and ToT (we figure DS4 will go on everything else). We will be using G+ and ILL so the waits for those attractions hopefully won’t be too long, but we will still need things to do/distractions.

And ideas, I would greatly appreciate!

Toy Story Land is just outside one of the entrances to SWGE, so it is easy enough to head over there while others are doing SW rides.

And just outside the OTHER entrance to SWGE is MuppetVision 3D, which might be entertaining enough for your DS4.

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Oh…and near ToT and RnRC is the Cars show with Lightning McQueen.

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We have a big age gap in our kiddos too. When we went with DS4 last year, he did everything except for TOT and RNRC. For those rides, he did the Lightning McQueen show and the Disney Jr Dance Party while we did rider swaps/rode.


These were my plans— go to toy story land— alien swirling saucers! Then dance party Abd the cars show.

You can do the datapad thing on your phone on the Play Disney app. I only did it while in short-ish lines so wasn’t entirely focused on it, but there seemed to be a storyline to follow while scanning cargo and stuff.


You also might try Mickey’s Runaway Train. It is one big cartoon. There is also Dinoland.

@DocHopper Dinoland is at Animal Kingdom not DHS

Disney JR dance party
Go check out the star wars exhibit next to Disney JR
Frozen sing along is cute
Toy story land- I think he should be able to hit all the rides there.
Lightening Mcqueens racing academy !
Indiana jones show

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There are also two Toy Story games in the Play Disney Parks apps that were hugely popular with my five year old.

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We didn’t split up but we’re usually a multigenerational group. Last trip with a too short kid, a family member and the kid waited at attraction exit. Since this is usually a store, we had fun looking at stuff, chatting, being silly, generally having fun. :blush: