You guys need to post more 😛

I can’t figure out what we should do on our next trip so my obvious procrastination, ahem I mean time-management, strategy is to surf the touring plans forum. :surfing_woman: You guys don’t post nearly enough new material. I mean, I’ve only been able to while away the last hour. Or two. I’m going to have to start actually thinking about whether we should do ROL vs. HEA a second time :fireworks:, or whether to squeeze in an extra night-time park visit :last_quarter_moon_with_face:, or if the DP is really worth it :cupcake:. Sigh. If only you guys weren’t such slackers, I’d have more posts to read and I wouldn’t have to actually make decisions.

And why have I never before realized how many cute emojis there are? Perusing the emojis, a new low in procrastination… Speaking of wasting time, you wouldn’t believe how long I spent deciding whether to put punctuation before or after the emojis. :smile:

I guess I should start making those decisions now. :thinking: Wait! Laundry! I totally need to do laundry. I guess those trip plans will just have to wait.


:grin: As someone whose body refuses to sleep in (hello time change!), I quite agree.


Enjoy your day

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Enjoy your procrastination!!


I complete agree @Beth33. I just booked my flights for my spring break trip and decided on the ones that are a) direct, b) cheaper by >1100 together, and c) arrive at 7 am and then leave at 10 pm, essentially giving me 2 more full days to plan. This has led me to completely scrap my plans and my ADRs and start back at square one!! So, now I’m in full procrastination and planning mode–as I only have 70ish days to firm up my ADRs and TPs before FPP day.


Sorry I haven’t posted enough to keep your time management system on schedule…but I’ve been so busy contemplating the meaning of LIFE.

No, no. Not like why we’re alive and all that. I have that down well enough I think. No, I was talking about the cereal. Or, more importantly, the cereal commercials.

I mean, who offers someone cereal (like to Mikey) if they know they won’t like it? Although, I supposed that’s not that different from when someone drinks a bad cup of coffee or something that goes, “Eww! This is awful!” then hands it over to the person next to them and says, “Here. Try it!”

But what does that say about us as a collective people? Misery loves company? Or maybe each of us questions or our personal judgment. Maybe it isn’t the coffee (or the LIFE cereal) that’s bad, but something’s wrong with our taste buds. Could be a sign of disease or something, and so out of deep-rooted fear, we invoke a third party to validate that we aren’t sick. Or worse, mentally ill.

And then, even if we are validated…even if we somehow manage to convince someone else to foolishly sample the proclaimed awful confection…we can’t just drop it. Why is that? We have to then go on in on in our validated belief of how bad it was. “Can you believe someone made the coffee this way? It’s like it’s been sitting here for days, festering!”

This suggests that there is something more going on. Not just a look for validation. But, maybe, camaraderie. Brotherly love. Mutual edification. (Although, this can lead to a tangential discussion about whether sharing in some form of misery really is the most logical way to edify someone!)

And this brings me back to the LIFE commercial. Mikey seems to be a bit of a loner. Don’t you think? Sitting there all alone just waiting for someone to feed him food? Is he neglected? And if Mikey hates everything, why does he eat the LIFE without hesitation? Perhaps he is suffering from malnutrition and abuse? That would explain his silence during the whole exchange. Wouldn’t that be a sign of lack of will? Being beat down his whole life into silent submission?

This leads to the whole moral implication, then, of using abused children in commercials about cereal.

So, as you see, there is still much thinking going on about this matter, which means I just can’t sacrifice any additional time posting here on these forums.

:mermaid: (Although here is a cute emoji for you. Which makes wonder…when, exactly, does one NEED a Mermaid emoji, really?)


Thanks @ryan1. Great start to my day!

I liken this to the situation involving the Beverly at Club Cool. We all know it’s just awful, but we delight in torture of newbies who have no idea and gleefully hand them a cup full of the stuff and then videotape their reaction (I’m not the only one who does this, right?)

It’s a Disney forum.

You use a mermaid when talking about my :mermaid: mommy, and by extension, me. :wink:

ETA: though her shells are certainly the wrong color.

Ah. That explains why she’s such a LITTLE mermaid.

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Wow, @ryan1. I’m impressed. :smile: Thanks fo helping me on my time management journey.

I love the mermaid! Though I think my favorite is still the cupcake.

You get a cupcake! :cupcake:

And @momfourmonkeys, you get a cupcake! :cupcake:

And @Cgerres, you get a cupcake! :cupcake:

:cupcake: :cupcake: :cupcake: :cupcake: :cupcake: :cupcake:


I hate to be a pain. But I’m not a big cupcake fan. How about some cheesecake, instead?

(Yes. I know. People think I LIKE to be a pain…but it just isn’t true. I mean, I AM a pain. It is a burden I must bear, however.)

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Same comment, same request.

Better still, can it be Raspberry Cheesecake?

or, alternatively, boysenberry pie?

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I’m sorry, cheesecake used to be on the menu but it sold so well that we’ve decided to sell it exclusively through our cheesecake party package. You’d have to reserve the cheesecake party in advance (but I won’t tell you when) and pay an up charge.

You can, however, get both cheese and cake. :cheese: :cake:


Hmm. I’ll just take a cup of ice water, then. :roll_eyes:

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