Yet another question. You'd think I'd never used TP before

As I tweak and optimize I am wishing there were a way to “pin” a particular ride or attraction to a certain spot in the day and then have TP re-optimize without moving that one thing. I know it will evaluate for me but I always wonder if it would be better to re-order all the other steps if it takes into account the one thing that I want to be static.

Example - we are going in Feb. Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it’s cold. So I’d like Splash to be after lunchtime in case it’s a little chilly. But not late because we need time to dry before the sun goes down. So I’d like to “pin” Splash into place right after our 12:15 BOG lunch and then let TP optimize the rest of my plan as usual.

Or I’d like to spend the extra 10 minutes in line for IASW and do it between PP and 7D FPP so I can just stay in Fantasyland but TP knows it’s more efficient to hit IASW at a different time.

Anyone have any tricks to make this work?

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Nope. Bummer huh? Copy your plan into a new plan and mess with it there.

Thanks. That’s what I’ve been doing. Took me a while to realize I should copy BEFORE messing with it. :woman_facepalming:This is our third trip with TP. First time I just used the premade ones. Worked relatively well save some MIL interference. Second time was a very short trip and I personalized a bit. This time I am really obsessed with changing and tweaking and analyzing.

Why not add 30 minutes to the time you’ve allowed for lunch, and just make a note that it’s for the Splash FP?

Or add a break for it and set it to “no flexibility”?

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…or add a fake meal at Pecos Bill, which is nearest to Splash, and add in the note that it is a placeholder for Splash.

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Ah. Both great ideas. Thanks!

I love Splash but I’m secretly hoping it will be too cold cuz the predicted SB line at 1:00 is 60+ minutes. My third FPP that day is 7D at 2:15 so I can’t try for 4th FPP for Splash at 1:00. I guess we could tap in to 7D at 2:10 and then start looking for Splash right away. Our other FPP are PP and Space. Hate to give either of them up for Splash but I am thinking about it. We are doing DAH that night so should be able to ride all the headliners without issue. But someone pointed out that having FPP for our must dos is insurance against rides being down during DAH as this is our only MK day.

We park hopped over to MK from Epcot after the fireworks on a night that MK was open until 11pm. We arrived about 30 minutes before park closing and went straight to Splash which was under 10min standby wait. Then we walked home to CR. I was determined to both ride Splash and NOT walk around wet in the park.

I had a backup plan to do the same for FOP if our RD AK plan didn’t work out: arrive near park close and go standby. But we didn’t.

Ah. Interesting approach! And likely prevents the “I told you to bring extra shoes because yours would get wet and then you’d be miserable for the rest of the day” conversation with teenagers, huh?