Yet another 'Arrival Day' question

We will be landing at Orlando Airport at 1:30pm, staying at the Beach Club resort and using Magical Express. At this point, for unrelated issues, we will likely have to check into the resort to get our Magic Bands. I have made dining reservations for Tutta Italia in Epcot for 4:45pm - does that seem reasonable? It will be on New Years Eve so that may complicate things.

It’s a little tight for my liking - sort of depends on everything going perfectly. AND getting through Epcot security and over. I’d try to get a later ADR if I were you.


Oooh, yikes. It seems close to me, especially given the little experience I have with New Year’s Eve traffic.

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I actually think if you do land on time 3 hours to get to BC is plenty of time. It is about a 10 minute wait from their. The Skyliner cars seem to enter EP from a dedicated entrance so hopefully International Gateway will not be backed up.

Also, while it isn’t optimal, you will have a 15 minute “late arrival” cushion.

I agree with the “it’s doable” group. You just need everything to go as planned.

Unfortunately, no later times seem to be available. The airline also changed our flight time (originally scheduled to arrive 1/2 hr earlier)

I always allow plan two hours from flight landing to resort. Do you have to go through customs or pick up your luggage?

No, we’re flying in from Colorado … just an issue with our address for the MB order :frowning: Hopefully we’ll get the ME luggage tags so we won’t have to deal with luggage on that end.

I’m with most of the others - doable assuming no major flight delays. Keep in mind that NYE is arguably the single busiest day at EP - especially around the world’s largest indoor/outdoor bar (aka WS). There may be unusually large crowds entering the IG, and it will likely be slow going from France to Italy. And there will be people there who already have 4 or 5 hours of partying under their belts by the time you arrive. If you plan on staying until midnight, know in advance that it will probably get pretty crazy as the evening wears on. I’ve never done it myself, but I have several friends who have.