Yesterday on Insta

Yesterday on TP Instastories there was a short video of the dragon next to a body of water. Does anyone know where that was?? My 7 year old was watching with me and he really wants to see it when we go this summer.

Was it the Lego dragon in Disney Springs maybe?


I don’t know what Instastories is, but could the dragon be the Serpent in the Electrical Water Pageant?

fantasmic ??

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Gonna need a bit more of a description to narrow it down. Maybe even a link to the story?

The stories disappear after 24 hours or so, it isn’t there anymore. There was a fire breathing dragon near a body of water…that’s all I’ve got. The next shot was a riverboat filled with characters. Where can we see a fire breathing dragon? That is all that he will care about!

This dragon? What you’re describing is almost definitely from Fantasmic!, the evening show at Hollywood Studios. There is a dragon on a mountainous set, surrounded by a river between the stage and audience. The riverboat with characters comes out at the finale of the show.


Here’s the riverboat with characters.


In addition to the Fantasmic fire-breathing dragon, there is a fire-breathing dragon in the afternoon parade at MK (Festival of Fantasy parade).

This is it!!! Thank you. We have never seen Fantasmic. It looks like I need to be sure to add it to my list!

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It’s a great show!

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No problem! It is my favorite show in WDW :grin: