Yellowstone Trip any help much appreciated!

I don’t think we had to book the activities very far ahead - one of the best was a scenic raft trip (as opposed to the white water trips) that DM80 was able to participate in and loved!

Thank you!!! Do you remember where you booked the scenic raft trip? That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for!

We booked it through the Jackson Lake Lodge:
they call it “wild & scenic” but it was not wild, just scenic.
One of the hikes/walks we enjoyed was to Grand Prismatic Spring. There are benches along the way, so my mom could walk a bit then sit and wait while the rest of us went on further.

I just looked through an old photo album passed down from my mom. There were a lot of pics from Yellowstone in the very early 60’s. My dad grew up in the Idaho Falls area very near Yellowstone so they must have gone while visiting his family. This was before my brother and I were born. So cool! And Old Faithful looks the same.


That’s amazing! What a treasure!

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Old photo albums are the best!

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