YeHaa Bob

 I have heard so many wonderful things about YeHaa Bob I want to take my family to see his show. Me, DH, DD(13), and my father(senior with mobility issues). Looking to catch an early (8:30) Friday show 6/9/2017. 

Is it appropriate and/or allowed to bring underaged DD(13) into lounge (bar) to see show?
What time would we need to arrive to have a decent table with a view of the stage for my father with mobility issues to see the show?
Any other information and advice is welcome.
Thank you,

It is very appropriate to take your kids to see Ye Haw Bob. A good portion of the guest have brought their kids and they have great fun. Ye Haw Bob sings a lot of familiar songs and gets the kids involved.
I cant remember the times but as with anything Disney try to get there early. There are not many tables.

Our family loved it.

Totally appropriate! I would get there about a half hour ahead of the show - folks will be there already, but you should find a table easily. It is one of the best things on property!

thank you.

thank you. I am looking forward to this.

Was just there. This timetable is accurate. I would bookmark this page and come back to check as the times are subject to change.

Did you enjoy @pmoriart? Was it super crowded? Want to try it out in 2 weeks

 I am visiting The World the beginning of June 2017.

I will be traveling with DH, DD(13), and my senior father. Four of us total. We are going to try and catch Yehaa Bob on a Friday after a 5:45 dinner reservation at Cape May Cafe. That should give us time to eat, travel to Port Orleans Riverside, and grab a table before the 8:30pm show.

We didn’t watch Bob, but grabbed dinner at Boatwrights next door. It was very crowded