YeeHa Bob Question

Hello! We will be in the World next month and I was hoping to be able to see YeeHa Bob one night. The night that would work best for us, we have a dining reservation at 6:55 at Sanaa. Yeeha Bob is at 8:30. We will have a car so we could drive vs. relying on Disney transportation, but what are the chances we could actually make it? Is this the type of show where you should be present the whole time? Or can you float in/out as you want to? Should I try to move my Sanaa reservation to an earlier time? How early would I need to be to feasibly do both? Thanks in advance for any tips you can offer!

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Float in and out at will

I arrived about 30 mins ahead of the show to get a table, and I left around an hour into it to go to DS. People come and go all night. If you’re not there ahead you might have to wait for a table to become vacant but people take up standing room all around too.

If you wanted to be certain to get a table and could move Sanaa up by an hour, I might think about it.


Make sure it’s a night he’s there! He’s there Wed-Sat, usually.


Yes, we were planning to go on a Wednesday. According to the schedule on Disney’s website, he will be there that particular night. But thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Very helpful info!


When we last attended, we actually used Disney transportation. Only caution is that Port Orleans is a big resort with multiple bus stops before reaching the main resort entrance where Bob performs. So you need to be ready for that especially if it is dark outside, and patient before getting off at the last stop, the correct one. We had a car but didn’t use it. I asked ahead of time if we’d be allowed to park there to attend the show even though we were not staying at Port Orleans, & was assured that was okay. We got there roughly 15 minutes early. Bob worked the crowd, stopping at each table to talk to guests before he started the show. Hope I’m not spilling the beans, but he did work some of what he learned about people in attendance into his routine. He was great. We laughed our fool heads off.

Going to WDW and not seeing YeeHa Bob is a sin. :innocent:


He also does a later show, so if you missed some of it you could always stay on.

I am so glad we went to see him, great show.


Thank you all! I appreciate the info! Funny story, my dad’s name is Bob Jackson so we are hoping to finally make it to this show so the two Bobs can meet! :joy:

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Oh he will have a FIELD DAY with that!! Please report back!!


I have the res finder currently looking for an earlier Sanaa reservation for me so we can try to make it for most of the 8:30 show. I can’t commit to staying for a later show b/c my family are not night owls and we have to RD MK the next day.


Reporting back!! :blush:

Res finder came though and I was able to move our Sanaa reservation up to 6:35. Not a huge change, but it turns out it was perfect timing for dinner and the show.

We got to POR around 8:15, did a quick walk through the lobby shop, then found a table in the lounge. It was back in the corner and not the best view, but it’s not like he spends the whole time sitting behind his piano. He was making the rounds of the lounge so when he got to our table, we introduced the two Bob Jacksons. They had a discussion on relatives and where they both came from. Yehaa Bob asked my daughters’ names and then proceeded to call them up later in the show (they were not impressed - typical teenagers). Overall, it was a very funny show and I’m glad we went. I liked all the audience participation, especially the repetitive jokes (“how’s my hair?!”). Thanks to everyone for the tips before we went! :slight_smile:

The two Bob Jacksons:


that is so cool! glad it all worked out!!!

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