Yearly vacation budgets

Approximately how much does everyone budget for yearly vacations? We usually do one week Disney(flying)and two or three smaller local vacations. Spending approximately 9 to 10 k yearly on vacations. Are we out there or about the norm? Just curious.

I tend to do weekends away rather than long vacations. My Disney obsession is new: it started last year. That trip was 12 nights away. My upcoming trip is 9 nights away.

I budget about £200-300 per night all-in for my short breaks.

I honestly can’t tell you how much my WDW vacations have cost because I’m genuinely too scared to add up the total. I’m going to guess around £500 per night all-in.


Our vacation budget for 4 is larger than most I think. I take the kids to WDW/UOR without DH (his choice) every spring break for about 11 days and that is in the 7-8K range. Then we take a family vacation to somewhere like Hawaii every year, probably similarly priced if not more. Then DH and my DS often go fishing in Alaska or Canada, and I also take one kid on a week long summer trip. Then there are the 2-3 trips I take to Disneyland or WDW with girlfriends each year. Yikes, we spend a lot of money on vacation. Probably double what you mentioned. I do not think most people travel as much as we do though, guessing most families are limited to 1 trip a year.

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I don’t know.

From what I remember
2014-Palm beach $1,500
eastern & central PA $1,000
East Tennessee $2,500

2015 Palm Beach & day trip to Disney $2,000
Eastern & Central Pa $700

2016 New baby so vacation money went to furniture and clothes …we were going to go to St Lucia that year and it would’ve been around $4,000

2017 Palm Beach, Disney, Universal $4,500
Eastern and Central Pa $900
East Tennessee $2,500

November 2018 Disney looking at $11,500

So a 5 year average of around $5,500

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Three adults : this year about $6000 total, one 7 night cruise and a 3 night/4 day trip to a Florida. Next year: APs, Disney cruise, two Disney trips with total of 11 nights plus food. I am estimatimating about $10,000 for those trips. I think $10,000 is a little more than I want to budget yearly.

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We do different things each year. Some years it’s a few shorter trips, every couple of years a big expensive trip ($10K-ish), and some years we put our “extra” money towards a home improvement project.


Wow ! That’s a lot of vacation for that much money. :smile:

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Family of 5, $10K a year ($941.67 a month if you want to indulge my spreadsheet/OCD side). That’s usually just to get us back and forth (we live on opposite sides of the country from half our family) 2 or 3 times a year. Our youngest just finished preschool, so we’re going to start putting that money towards our Disney fund. Preschool is super expensive around here, so that will be another $900/mo.


Good Lord, $900 for preschool makes me cringe. How nice it will be for you to be able to put that toward something else!

Thankfully in our part of the Midwest, we have crazy low cost of living. Full time preschool for my daughter would be $525 per month (7:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri) at one of the more “upscale” schools. My friend sent her daughter to 3 morning a week preschool at a church down the road for $90 per month ($2.50/hour).

Yeah. We live in the Bay Area. :-/ It was 2 full and 1 half day for $600/mo (the other $300 went towards saving up for summer care for all three. I guess we still need to do that.).