YC or BC?

I’m am booking a family trip for September 2019 soon and I can’t decide between YC or BC. I think I would enjoy the theme more at BC, but after reading up on both resorts, I think we’d like the rooms and the fact that the bus picks up at YC better. For those of you that have stayed at either, have you found the buses to be an issue when staying at BC - we’re the buses full when they got to you? Also, the BC bus stop looks farther from the hotel than YC - is that really the case? Any input to help me make a choice is appreciated!

I have stayed at both. I never found the buses to be an issue at BC. It can be annoying at DS if it is one bus for all the EP area resorts.

I prefer YC but I have “a thing” for balconies.

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I’ve only stayed at YC, but I had the same dilemma for our stay last August. I kept changing my reservation between the two.

I did like that YC was the first stop. I don’t recall the buses every being full when we stopped at BC, but I did like being first at the end of a long day.

Aside from that, I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in which hotel. I really viewed them as the same hotel, with two wings since they share facilities. The balcony did help with my YC decision (but we really only used it one evening).

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You can’t go wrong with either. We have stayed at both and loved both. They share the pool and the restaurants which is fabulous. The BC is crazy close to Epcot which we love.

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We stayed at Boardwalk recently. I’ve already decided I’ll probably pick whichever is cheaper of the 3 next time. The rooms are almost identical other than decor. We’d probably prefer a full shower (vs tub) which is an option at YC. BC decor is too turquoise for me, but that’s subjective

I have stayed at both. Too me the BC is more cozy and the YC is more formal as much as maybe the GF. If you stay at the BC, Cape May’s Café is in the resort and not to be missed if you are a seafood fan. As stated BC is closer to Epcot via the International Gateway. No bus needed to get to Epcot or the Magic Kingdom as the Monorail will take you there. The said, the YC is just a little farther as it connected to the BC on the east end.

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Thank you all for the input! I think we’re going to go with Beach Club!

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But you have to walk all the way to the monorail first…