YC buses

Can anyone tell me from experience what time the buses start running from YC? MK opens at 9:00 and I'd like to get there no later than 8:30. Also how is the route? Will we be stoping at other resorts? I'll be there in early Nov when crowds are mostly a 5-6 however the resort does seem to be at capacity.

I haven't stayed at the YC yet but I will also be there in November. From the little research that I have done, the YC is the first pick up and drop off. Lately the route has only been shared with BC but that can change at any moment. We don't plan on doing RD so I didn't research what time pick ups start. Hopefully someone else will chime in with their experience.

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We stayed BC in August and getting to
The parks was usually pretty good. Always yacht and bc shared but no other resorts. We never really waited for a bus more than 5 minutes but we didn't try to leave that early. Getting home from MK in particular was another story completely. We waited a loooooong time every time. Epcot and HS are boats and you can easily make RD. All good on that.

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We stayed at the YC in July and the buses started running at 7, with a bus every 20 minutes after that (for a 9am RD). We never missed a RD and we aim to get there 30 minutes before as well. They always shared with BC. Shared with boardwalk on Downtown Disney trips.

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Thanks for the info. What time did you get to the bus stop for MK when you wanted to be to the park by 8:30am?

Can I piggyback on this thread? I have an 8am TH ADR while we'll be at YC. Any suggestions for when I should get to the bus stop? Or should I take a cab? Thanks!