Yak & Yeti lunch only?

I’m trying to make an ADR for dinner at Yak & Yeti June 18, but the hours are showing only open for lunch as of June 12, any ideas what is going on?

You are right. Weird!

Their hours are wonky. :frowning: Keep checking, set up res finder.

I grabbed a 3:45 on June 14 (which I guess in Disney language is still lunch) I was trying to nab a dinner instead… glad to know I’m not crazy and the hours are wonky.

With the park closing at 7 when we’re there June 4th, I just assumed they capped the latest time for reservations (then open more if they move park hours later ?). We got a 4:30 “lunch” and that was close enough to the early dinner we were looking for since doing Tusker house breakfast.

They used to be open a bit later but it seems totally common that they end at 4:30 now which is lousy :frowning:

through June 11 they are open until 6:35, so it seems odd they would shorten the hours as we approach summer, I’m hoping they extend them

Well that seems variable actually - or at least has been updated somewhat recently as I was just making reservations for someone who is going in the next few weeks and it only went til 4:30. Does it vary by night I wonder?

This was several years ago, but we were able to get a table through Landry’s Select Club without a reservation. It’s $25 for an annual membership, but you get that back as a credit. In addition, you get either $20 or $25 as a birthday gift credit as well. So, we listed the month that we were traveling as the birthday month. I believe it also works at Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex plus tons of other locations outside of Disney.