Yak and Yetti or Rainforest Cafe

On DDP with a not overly adventurous family, we already have Tusker House on another day so which one would you choose ???

I’ve heard great reviews of Yak & Yeti. Do your kids like Panda Express or orange chicken? My kids aren’t too adventurous either and this one looked like it had things on the menu they would eat and enjoy.

We are going in August so we’ll see!:wink:

Thanks you will have to let me know how it goes. There are just way too many decisions to make … we could also try Boma … were already doing Sanaa another do so I guess that’s in the mix too :flushed::gun:

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:grin: I think Boma is great- so many choices and buffets allowed my kids to try foods that looked interesting even though my youngest still stuck with mealie dogs (corn dog nuggets) and mac and cheese. My middle surprised me and loved the Guava pannacotta (so did I !) and samosas! But again I’ve heard Sanaa is great and want to try it too. So many choices so little time! :wink:

If you haven’t gone yet I’ll report back and let you know about Yak & Yeti. Also, disunplugged is my favorite place to watch dining reviews. It’s become addictive! Highly suggest it when planning ADR’s!

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My very picky DD5 LOVES Boma. It’s her favorite restaurant. She had no problem eating at Yak & Yeti though. Food is better at Boma, but not bad at Yak & Yeti.

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Yak & Yeti all the way! We go there every trip because we like it so much.


Hiya thanks not heard of dis unplugged but will certainly look it up … there’s so many Disney forums it’s mind boggling

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Oh god I swear planning this trip will be the end of me … thanks for the reply though :+1:t2:

hahahaha I’m no better off than when I started … think I’ll book both Yak and Yeti and Boma then decide later :+1:t2:


We ate at Boma but haven’t tried Yak and Yeti. Boma was good but not necessarily something we’ll do again.

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We enjoyed Yak & Yeti and are planning on going back this trip. I’m kind of bleh about Rainforest Cafe because it’s a chain and I can eat there when I’m not at WDW.


Yak and Yetti hands down


Yak and Yeti is so good! I have two mild/picky eaters and they loved their meal. We are planning to go back there on our next trip–the decor, food, and service is wonderful. I also love Boma, and being in Animal Kingdom Lodge. The advantage there is that you can try a lot of things and not end up disappointed. Plus, their desserts are yummy!

I had the same decision to make for my upcoming trip. Based on research here and over on the DISboards.com forum, I choose Y&Y because:

  1. It’s more convenient, if you intend to finish touring the park afterwards. (Rainforest is up by the park entrance and that seemed like a lot of extra walking)

  2. Rainforest is a chain, so there are other opportunities your family might have to experience it. (Yes, I understand that Y&Y is owned by a chain company too, but there’s no other Y&Y themed experience)

  3. I’ve read good things about the Y&Y food

I agree, Yak and Yeti is great and has options for picky kids. Just a warning, on the menu when you see appetizers and then “shareables”, I think shareable might mean “2 people can share this instead of getting any entrees” because the Ahi Tuna Nachos are an enormous amount of food!

Have done both with my daughter. She lived Yak and Yeti. She loved the decor and the food!!!

Yak and Yeti! I have been here several times with a large party including kids and everyone enjoyed it. Food is much better than Rainforest a Cafe. I love the atmosphere too!

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My daughter has always loved Yak and Yeti. She loved the decor. She enjoyed the chicken fried rice. There is also a hamburger on the menu if all else fails.

Not a single vote for the poor, unloved Rainforest Cafe?

Well, it’s not going to get mine, either :grin:- EXCEPT in the event that the OP has never been to a Rainforest Cafe.

It’s true that the food is meh compared to Yak and Yeti but-

As Rainforest Cafes go, this is a nice one and if you’ve never been to one before, it’s fun. Rainforest cafe is not all about the food, in fact I’d say that’s not even the main draw. I would chose it over Yak and Yeti in that situation. From what I recall it has a standard chain restaurant menu & most people will be able to find something they like.

Otherwise, nope. The food is definitely better at Yak & Yeti and it also has an interesting theme & decor.

We had breakfast at rainforest and absolutely loved the decor!! The food was fine. we do have yak and yeti planned for the next trip in Feb

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