Yak and Yeti or Tusker House?

We loved Yak and Yeti on our last trip, but my daughter would really like to see Daisy and she seems to only be at Tusker House. Additionally, since my oldest has celiac, Tusker House seems to have a ton of GF options. Any opinions on food at Tusker House vs food at Yak and Yeti?

Y&Y is OK; in fact the seared ahi tuna salad there is one of my favorite lunches in WDW - but pretty much anything else I’ve tried there has been unimpressive. I generally do not like either CMs or buffets, but I really like TH. The food is a combination of “the usual fare” mixed in with some more exotic selections, and although characters aren’t really my thing, how can you not smile when Mickey and friends come to your table? I probably won’t eat at Y&Y again, unless I stop in at the bar and decide to order food (e.g. the above-mentioned salad) while I’m there…


I did both in one day on my recent visit, and I preferred the food at Tusker House. I like buffets for the variety and they had some things that were new to me, so I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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I have never been to Tusker House, but enjoyed Yak & Yeti on my trip in September. We were not on the Dining Plan, so it was a good value for us, lots of food for not too much money. My wife and I got the Ahi Tuna nachos to share and one of the chicken entrees to share and it was way too much food! If you’re not big eaters at lunch, the tuna nachos feed 2 easily.

Plus, with the Landry’s Select card, we didn’t need an ADR, just showed up, got seated and ate when we wanted instead of having to stick to a schedule.

Was Daisy there when you visited?

Now I’m craving tuna nachos! lol That sounds delicious.

I have done Tusker House several times. Y&Y only once. While I was not impressed with Y&Y, Tusker House never disappoints. Daisy has been there every time we’ve visited (maybe 3x so far).


Oh Daisy is also in Magic Kingdom at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. This was a cute and fun M&G :grin:

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I love Daisy’s outfit! I will have to add that to our agenda. :grinning:

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We just did Tusker House a couple weeks ago. Daisy was there and the food was great. There were lots of carved meats, a smaller “boring” section for kids or pickier adults (roasted chicken legs, mac and cheese, cheese cubes), salads, and some more traditional middle eastern or African food. I thought it was good but would not necessarily recommend if the adults aren’t adventurous at all. I found the options for kids just fine.

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I know it’s a different park, but we saw Daisy as soon as we walked into Hollywood Studios and also at our meal there - Hollywood & Vine

Have not tried Y&Y but TH gets a thumbs up from my family. Lots of variety with traditional and “adventurous” choices. We really liked the food and the character interaction and parade with the kids was awesome! Definitely a positive experience for us!

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We love Boma so Tusker House sounds appealing–but our youngest will probably stick with boring food for sure. I like the idea of being able to try a lot of different foods and still have the character experience.

That’s good to know! What did you think of Hollywood and Vine in terms of food choices? I’ve been eyeing that character meal, too.

Good to hear! :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a great list of where to meet each character.

Daisy is at all 4 parks in some way or another.

list of characters & locations

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We all loved Tusker House (even my Dad 75 who claims he’s not into characters) we had ages 5,7,9 40’s, 70’s. Character interactions were often and funny. Food made everyone :smiley:. Especially because my 7 year old nephew with multiple food allergies loved his food!!! This never happens even at home (food allergies have made eating a chore except for desserts!)

Tusker is hands down my favorite character buffet. Hope you end up trying it!

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Good to hear that a variety of ages and palates enjoyed their experience. We are pretty nontraditional eaters anyway–we love Indian, Thai, and spicy stuff–so it is good to know that the food is good!