Yachtsman vs Flying Fish?

I love seafood, but the rest of my family are not huge fans. They truly only enjoy shrimp and salmon. We are only doing one to credit table-service. Which is your favorite and why? Thanks!

Aren't both signature? 2 credits. Possible to get a good steak at FF. You can't go wrong w either one. Maybe look at the menus together and decide from there?

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I have not eat at Yachtsman recently, but flying fish was EXCELLENT on our last trip. Get an A+ from me!

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They are both two credits... I'm just picking one of them for our family. I just can't decide whether to play it safe with yachtsmen or hope they have good steak or chicken options at flying fish. Hmmm...

Steak is good at FF but better at YS (my opinion).

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Here is the current FF menu:

And here is Yachtsman:

Seems like the latter might better appeal to your group.


Thanks! That's what I'm leaning towards right now:)

I am a fairly adventurous eater, but the rest of my family is not. So, while i enjoyed FF, my wife and older son greatly disliked the steak there. The charring completely overpowered the taste of what was a pretty good cut of meat. We'll try Yachtsman's next time.

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I can vouch for the Yachtsman - it's better than Le Cellier in mine and DH's humble opinion. I've never been to FF, but if everyone is more inclined towards beef I would definitely recommend it 🍴

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Thanks all!! Yachtsman it is:)

Both will have both steak and seafood options, but if I specifically wanted steak, I'd go with the steakhouse. For what it's worth, CG has excellent choices in both categories.

I am not a fish person, but we heard it was great so wanted to try it out. I hated every minute of it. It stunk in there, I ordered the chicken, which didn't look like chicken and tasted even worse. The first time i've ever left a signature dining restaurant hungry.

That being said, fish is obviously their premier dish so I was already going against the grain by not ordering a seafood dish. I felt the staff and service were a bit lacking as well. This was an isolated incident from a non-seafod and picky meat eater, but it's not an experience I'd volunteer for again.

Yachtsman however is always on our "must do" list. The steaks are fabulous, the salads are great, the sides are amazing the service is great, love the everything about it. It really comes down to where your interests lie: Fish or Steak.

Another place with both seafood and meat options that you might want to consider is the Wilderness Lodge, Artist Point. I had no expectations for that restaurant but was blown away when we ate there. The mushroom soup is amazing and their tenderloin is the highest quality beef of property. Jiko is also very, very good. i'm hungry!

Yes, both are awesome and worth checking out. Of the two tho, I prefer Yachtsman its my favorite steak place in WDW and I know for sure they age their meats. Which if you get a steak out is what you want since most people dont/cant age meat like that.

For what it's worth, FF was my least favorite of my various signature dining experiences. The food was still definately a step above the "regular" TS quality, but it didn't "shine" like all of my other signature experiences (but perhaps it was just the dish I ordered - everyone else at the table gave the dinner very high marks), and the restaurant felt really crowded and noisy. I'm planning 8 signature meals for my next trip, and FF is not on the list.

Thanks everyone we are going to stick with Yachtmans this time:)