Yachtsman Steakhouse or Citricos

So was thinking of treating myself on my first night at WDW (non-park day) to a nice dinner at either the Yachtsman Steakhouse or Citricos. Has anyone been lately? Is it still as amazing as before? Would you choose Yachtsman or Citricos?

I have yet to try Yachtsman, but I just listened to a lovely Citricos review on Disney Dish. Ate at Citricos a very long time ago…maybe 2011? …and it was delicious. The review made me want to try and figure out a way to eat there during our upcoming trip, but we can’t give anything up at this point!


I haven’t been lately, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching. And the last question you posed was, “Would you choose Yachtsman or Citrico’s,” so that’s something I can answer because it doesn’t need to be an expert opinion – just an opinion! :smiley:

So I haven’t found a lot of Yachtsman Steakhouse reviews since they just reopened, but here’s one that I thought was thoughtfully written:

[Sorry, here’s a qualifier: I’m a foodie, and I love restaurant reviews written by people who know how to write about food and restaurants. Tom Sietsema in the Washington Post is a great critic. The “Grub Scout” in the Knoxville News-Sentinel is … not. No wonder he’s anonymous. Just a couple of weeks ago he gave a rave review for a local restaurant, and the only adjective he used was “spicy.” Argh. Anyway, I look for descriptive reviews. “I loved it,” and “this place rocks” are not descriptive. So… that’s why I said the review linked above was thoughtfully written. YMMV]

There are many more reviews of the recently reopened Citrico’s, too many to link, but here’s another descriptive one:

I listened to the podcast that Minnie27mouse linked, and that was a great use of time and brain cells. Really enjoyed that. Might start listening to that podcast on a regular basis. (I’m not big into podcasts. Oh, but I am surrounded by people who love podcasts – my sister, my husband, my boss – I am the only person I know who still prefers music.)

I wish I had more input about the Yachtsman, but based on the reviews above, and the photos, I decided to go with Citrico’s for dinner on our last night in WDW next month. I could be wrong, but Citrico’s just looks so pretty and refreshing, while the Yachtsman looks dark and relaxing. Again, your mileage may vary.

I hope you have a great dinner wherever you decide to go! :partying_face:

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I’ve never been to either but I’m going to Citricos on my upcoming trip. That is the one that interests me and my choice. Which vibe do you want before and after the meal? Grand Floridian and the monorail loop or the boardwalk?

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My experience with both is from October 2019, so basically just before the Pandemic.

Yachtsman is an excellent restaurant, but for nautical ambiance I much prefer Narcosis’s where you get a view of Bay Lake. The quality of the food is on par with each other but, Yachtsman provides a more formal service (I know @PrincipalTinker may have more to say about this).

Citricos is nothing less than impeccable in every category and shares the kitchen with Victoria and Alberts. Everything that Christina says on the Disney Dish episode is true and factual. You absolutely cannot go wrong eating there.


I have Citricos next month and I am very excited!

On the Boardwalk, I personally, would go with Flying Fish if it is open (should be soon).

I know people many people have had good meals at Yachtsman. The food, to me, is good. My experience with the service was so bad that I have not returned.

It looks like Crew’s Cup is serving the Yachtsman menu. If that menu appeals to you, that might be a good option too.

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Practically speaking, I think I would choose whichever is closest/easiest to get to and from where I am staying. After a day of travel the last thing I would want to do is wait for buses/boats/etc. I’ve never been to Yachtsman, but we did eat at Citricos on 8/01 and it was fantastic.

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++ @PrincipalTinker Flying Fish

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