Yachtsman Steakhouse Menu?

Does anyone know if Yachtsman offers any menu add-ons like a lobster tail? I thought that I saw pictures somewhere of a menu with this listed but it may not have been up to date. I did check the Disney website menu and didn’t see anything but we all know that it’s not always the best source. :wink:

Hi kellymouse5 -
From all of the reviews I’ve read, there aren’t any add ons, like lobster tail, except when indicated on the menu. There are the side items - like truffle mac and cheese, though! (You order those separately.)

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Thanks @MeetMeAtThePoly !! I think that I saw a review with a menu picture on the Disney Tourist Blog site. I didn’t check the date so it must be old. The truffle mac n cheese is intriguing though. I’ve never tried anything like that before.

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I’ll keep my eyes open for the add ons @kellymouse5 - that would be nice!

@kellymouse5 -
I saw an older menu - Guests used to be able to add on a Rock Lobster tail for around $30. May want to call the restaurant.

Thanks for checking, @MeetMeAtThePoly! At least I know that I didn’t dream it. I’m not a huge fan of steak so my ADR is still up in the air. But, my DH loves a good steak and we’re staying at the Yacht Club so it would be very convenient. Now if I could add on a lobster tail, I’d be more than thrilled. Decisions, decisions…

Have you had a look at Good for menus. :wink:

Good idea, @docmcstubbins. I haven’t looked there in quite awhile. I’ll check it out. Thanks!!

Thanks, @GrumpyInBrooklyn! I hadn’t seen that before. It looks like it was recently updated (5/14) and the add-on lobster tail is no longer listed. Oh well! At least I can eat the bisque. :yum:

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