Yachtsman Menu question

I was looking at the Yachtsman menu and it has “Enhancements”, which I understand you’ll add to your main, but then there’s “Sides”, which really look like the things you’d eat with a meal. Does the Entree/Butcher’s Cut really only come as a piece of meat? If you ordered nothing else, all you’d get is one piece of meat? I know some high end restaurants around here are like that and you order the sides separately, so just checking.

Also, though, around here, ordering a side is usually enough for a couple of people, if not the whole table. If I order a side of mashed potatoes at Yachtsman, am I just getting enough for my dinner or is it something we will share as a table?

I’ve not eaten at the Yachtsman, but The Brown Derby also has “Enhancements” as well as “Sides” so I can speak from that experience. Yes, the Enhancements are what are simply stated, no more, but consider them: I always get the Cobb Salad and then Scallops as enhancement (yum!). And the sides are plenty for two people, in my experience, or can be nicely shared among 3 or 4 for the sampling/tasting. I think it depends on your appetite, or how much on the starters or mains your party is doing. But I do think a Side would be too much on top of a main for just one person.

The steaks come with some kind of potato, I had potato gratin with mine and DS had chips (fries). We didn’t order them separately. If we’d ordered a side, it would have been extra to the full meal.

I made the mistake of ordering sides. They were good, I just didn’t need the extra food!

So I don’t have to include one per person of the sides. Whew! Thanks.

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Yes, the sides included in the meal are pretty filling.