Yacht Club Water View includes quiet pool?

Hi all!

When booking a water view at Yacht Club - is the quiet pool considered a water view? The Beach Club one is, but you can also see Crescent Lake from that pool. The Yacht Club quiet pool is off to the side/back of hotel and I assumed that was garden, but I think I’m wrong.

Just checking to make sure I know what the possibilities are!

Yes, the quiet pool is considered a water view - we got this a couple of years ago

Bummer. I think the quiet pool at Yacht Club is really stretching it to charge those prices.


We had a garden view room in the past and had a room facing the quiet pool. I would think pool view would be for storm along bay.

Unfortunately the quiet pool is included for water view for Yacht Club - perhaps they have both water and garden views over there. :slight_smile:

As someone with a “water view” room booked for Yacht Club this August, I just wanted to chime in to say I agree that this is pretty ridiculous. The fine print even warns you when you book this more expensive room that you might only get to see a pool. Seems the aggravation from unsatisfied guests would be more than it’s worth. But what do I know? :roll_eyes:

I will be asking (very nicely) for a lagoon view in my Touring Plans room request fax.

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That sucks :slightly_frowning_face: but I think I was confused when I answered I was thinking garden view vs pool view. If the quiet pool is considered water view that’s even more ridiculous.

Yes! It feels like we’re gambling. For this price you get beautiful views of the lake and the boardwalk and for the very same price you get to gaze upon…the quiet pool. :rofl:
I can imagine how many people don’t know about it and see their view and complain.

Even some of the garden views have a view of Crescent Lake. I truly don’t understand how they put the quiet pool in this category. They should take out those garden views that can see the lake and make those water views…

I too will pick a view for my request that I want, but I’m pretty sure everyone who books that category are requesting lake views! :scream:

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