Yacht Club vs Copper Creek

Curious on opinions of YC vs CC. Both are virtually same cost for us, we’re going the first week of March. This is a rescheduled COVID trip, we have 2 adults and 2 boys (9, 11). We have planned 2 rest days and are completely on the fence about going to Epcot. When we went to Epcot 2 years ago, it was very underwhelming and the boys were VERY bored. I know Yacht club is within walking distance to Epcot. Does it make sense to even stay at Yacht Club if we don’t plan on going to Epcot? My biggest draw to Yacht Club is the boardwalk area and the pool (with out planned rest days) but how much of the Boardwalk area is even open. I know CC is relaxing and the pool is nice but its my understanding its no where near stormalong bay. Any insight would be very appreciated.

If park hopping is open again, it might be nice to go into EC for an evening meal. Other families have shared that they’ve rented a cabana for the day at GF on one of their rest days. Would that be an option? You can rent cabanas and use the resort pool at a few places/resorts w/ the exceptions of SB that requires you be a guest at BC or YC.

I am concerned about the sleeping arrangements for your sons. At Copper Creek they will have to share the couch bed.


We’re aware, they are small kids and already did the research for that, it’s a queen size sleeper sofa. Not really asking opinions about our decisions on my children’s sleeping arrangements, more so one resort vs the other in general and the thought of not visiting Epcot but staying at an “Epcot” resort.

YC is also an “HS” resort. Is HS a priority for you?

I thought you were asking about the two resorts. Up to you if 4 vs 5 sleep surfaces is not a consideration but I didn’t see that in your post and you asked for any insight?

I love YC but I am a CC owner. The main pool at WL does not compare to YC. The dvc pool is much better than the YC/BC quit pools. The food options at the BW area are more varied. The boat to MK is magical.


It is! Definitely part of my problems, lol! I’m concerned that there will still be lots of places that aren’t open still (around the boardwalk)and then the whole thought process of it being cool to walk around during the evening would be null and void. Not sure if its worth it to trade the tranquility of being at Wilderness Lodge (CC) for the more populated VC. We definitely wont be getting park hoppers so then going to Epcot would be a 1 day/night thing, instead of popping in there to do dinners at different places.

How long are you going for? Have you considered a split stay?

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I was, but more about the resorts, not about where we’re sleeping. Great thought, something I considered, I guess its more about the bigger picture.

We’ll be there for 6 nights and no, we haven’t. Don’t want to go thru changing resorts at all. Thank you though!

Definitely not interested in park hopping. In our opinion, its not worth the cost. Thank you though!

Are the food choices important to you? Will you eat in restaurants or are you looking for take out options?

Definitely eat in

At WL you have two QS and one TS. At YC you have TS at YC and BW plus all the Swan and Dolphin restaurants (and those are very good).

My thoughts exactly, just wondering on likelihood of those options being open when we’re there.

What options? I listed what is currently available at each right now. I expect that they will not reduce offerings.

Edited to add:

YC/ BC current dining: Ale and Compass, The Market at Ale and Compass, Beaches and Cream, Beach Club Marketplace, Hurricane Hanna’s
Also at Boardwalk: Boardwalk Bakery, Trattoria al Forno
Swan and Dolphin: Shula’s, Bluezoo, Fresh, Garden Grove, ill Mulino, Kimonos

Dining at WL:Whispering Canyon Cafe, Geyser Point, Roaring Fork


Great, thanks!

many more dining options on the Boardwalk area… Thanks for the attention to detail, this helps me w/ future thinking too. Although WL at Christmas can’t be beat at any other resort; IMHO.

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I bought CC because I love WL so much but I would order GrubHub and eat on my balcony or by the pool some meals.


We stayed at GC in DL last Xmas and had a room overlooking the main lobby. We could hear Christmas Carolers every night. It was wonderful! We go to WL at Xmas time just to hang out in the lobby and tree gaze :heart_eyes: