Yacht Club Rooms - Thoughts?

Anyone who has stayed at Yacht Club, what did you love about your rooms and what did you dislike?
I am thinking of requesting ground level toward the quiet pool, give me your opinions!

I can’t say for sure, but I think those are pet rooms? I requested to be as far away from there as possible (we have some dog allergies, but we also own dogs. Mostly I just want a vacation from dogs, bc mine are high maintenance and while I sort of miss them, I’m paying about $900 for boarding while we’re gone and so I really don’t need to hear/see other dogs in my resort!!).

And yeah, I know that any room can have a service pet… I just want to lower our chances.


We were there in May. The only part of our request that we got was connecting rooms. Asked for rooms near the lobby, on the second floor. Got 4th floor only 10 rooms from being the farthest away from the elevators/near the lobby.
I did request not in or near any pet rooms because of allergies and that part of the request was honored as well, probably because I specified allergies.


Hah, back in the day I could say the same thing about my kids- except we spent over $900 to bring the nanny along. Later, we stayed at the YC so we didn’t have to see/hear other people’s kids.:rofl:
Anyway, regarding the OP, I agree with @illini74 you kind of need to pick out what you want most and hit that hard. On our last trip to the YC, we needed room for 5 (hello Disney… there are FIVE people on the reservation!) and ended up in a room for four- it didn’t have that 3rd little bed. They did change that, but not without a couple of hours of waiting.

We ended up over by the quiet pool, but facing the lake, which was lovely. It is a far walk to the lobby, however, and there’s no “official” exit to the boardwalk on that end. I do remember the long trek we had to make back to the lobby vs traipsing through some low-level shrubbery.

Since then we have moved to BWI which has a couple of bigger rooms. And they’re very firm about not traipsing through the shrubbery.

I’m also not sure how quiet the quiet pool will be. YC does a lot of convention-type events. So while we Disney people usually think in terms of “quiet” being fewer kids, adults who have imbibed a wee bit too much can be slightly loud. I’d check to see if there is a convention there, just in case. Then, you’d want to be facing the lake.

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We stayed in a King bed room in Sept. My favorite thing about the yacht club room was the drawer space we had. I love storage space in a room. I also really like the curtains! Weird, I know but they are disney charater constallations…adorable but still grown up. Room location…we were in the 4th floor close to the elevator. Balcony was facing the quiet pool. Far from Lobby but the walkway out the exit on that side is convienient for a morning walk to HS.

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We had this exact type of room in 2018 and loved it. We did the TP room request and asked to be as close as possible to the lobby and pool. We were ground level overlooking as quiet pool and a quick walk to their store.


We had a big fluffy brown pup on the 5th floor this week. We smiled every time we saw him! (But we don’t have any allergies) We like the tall beds where the suitcases can store underneath, the draw space and plug ins (plus, for those involved in the table conversation a few weeks ago, there is a small shelf on the side of the bed without the nightstand). We also liked the pull down bed since I had 3 tweens/teens with me. The separate shower from double sinks is nice. I literally have not had any luck with room requests here. I was just thrilled to get the extra bed this time! I also found that the hallway noise carries into the room a lot, but we used a white noise machine on my phone and that did a nice job.