Yacht Club or Contemporary

I have only been once and we stayed at the Boardwalk. Taking DS7, DD10 and DM 12/6-12/12. Which do you recommend?

I say yacht club bc u can walk to parks. Contemporary doesn’t appeal to me anyway.


I’d vote for whichever is closer to the parks where you plan to be the most days - MK or HS/EP. Being within walking distance is valuable! Another point: the pool at YC is far and away better than at Contemporary.


Yacht Club.

Have stayed at both and I would only stay at the Contemporary again if it didn’t cost me anything. We had an awful stay there. Dirty room, refusal to address it and then they delivered this amenity thing to the room that they removed before we could eat it.

Yacht Club is WAY better. Plus Stormalong Bay!!

My .02

Of course this is all pre-Covid. Lots of changes happening now with resorts.

YC all the way - caveat I have chosen not to spawn so I have no input regarding which is better for small humans but as for myself and friends as an adult it’s the boardwalk area as our first choice.

We did a split stay with these two resorts last year and loved it. We are a family of four with 10 year old twins and stayed 7 nights: 3 at CR than 4 at YC. Looks like you are 6 or 7 nights. Worth considering. We loved both resorts for some of the reasons above. And because of both resorts convenience to the parks, we only needed to get on a shuttle bus one day – our DAK day.

And I love CR. It is just so Disney World to me. Give me that lake view from a balcony. Ahhhh. If I had a home resort, this would be it.

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Thank you all!

If you’re time is divided equally among the parks, location/transport wise YC has more options and two parks are walkable or at least closeby. For Contemporary, the highlight is the proximity to MK and the other resorts.

As for other factors, CR has a lot of nostalgia and for that reason will always be close to my heart, I love the ambiance. YC is a bit more bland for me, but on the other hand you have the boardwalk across the pond which has a great atmosphere.

I’ve stayed at both areas recently and would pick YC / the Epcot resorts for the above reasons. Also, if there are no night time shows, that takes away a bit from CR.

I second what you said but I prefer Boardwalk to Yacht Club. I’d get a villa from David’s.

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