Yacht Club Oct 2023-Nothing but Club Level available?

Hi, I’m trying to book Yacht club for Oct next year and no regular rooms (Standard, Garden or Water View) rooms are available. Only Club level is available. Pretty much every other hotel including Beach Club has non-club level rooms open for our dates. Having just stayed at Yacht this year, I’m specifically wanting to stay there again due to the lobby/hotel atmosphere (liked it better than Beach Club). Does anyone know if there’s a big conference or a refurb or something going on that would block out all regular rooms?

I’m in the U.K. but just did a quick search and I can get a water view room all through October. So that seems weird.

I wonder if I log out of my profile. Maybe Disney is trying to force me to book club level thinking I have expendable income LOL


Huh, I’m still getting the same results for these dates even when I’m logged out of my profile.

Maybe UK has a separate inventory, I don’t know.

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US side, I don’t see availability besides club level that week. I can see availability the week before though.

Thanks for checking. Maybe I’ll actually call Disney to see what they see on their end

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Update: I called Disney and they are showing only Club level rooms as well with no alerts that would indicate a refurb or anything else for why the regular rooms are not offered at this time. I’ll just keep checking as I’ve got about a year and hopefully they will open up.


Sometimes if you search individual dates you can see if there is a particular date that is a “problem” for your chosen room type. (Like standard view is available every day but Saturday, so it shows up as unavailable since the room can’t span all of your dates.) Thats how we started discussing a split stay, because we couldn’t book our whole trip at our fave hotel. Availability is very fluid but I like to know and lock it in so I can plan flights.

So I’ve checked everyday and today all rooms were available again. I’m booked up. Thanks for everyone’s advice!


I’m experiencing the same for the Poly in October. I’m going to call and then keep checking!

Many deluxe resorts are showing limited availability and very high prices for early to mid december 2023. Seems like less availability (and higher prices) one year ahead that there was 6 months before dec 22 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Need to check to back later. Either the system is fluctuating availability intentionally, there is a glitch or it’ll be crowded way earlier than this year

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