Yacht Club Hotel - And Tea

Can anyone absolutely confirm whether the Yacht Club hotel rooms have tea in them. It is a matter of life or death (mine) and I need to make sure there is the ability for DW to have tea in the morning. I would prefer to live, so if I have to bring tea, I will, but if it is there, I will chance it.

It seems like there is a Keurig in the YC rooms, but I have heard conflicting info on the presence of tea.

Any help would be appreciated!!!



So we come from the UK and stay at the YC. Being from the UK we bring our own tea bags, but I do not remember seeing any in the room (but this may be because I didn’t look too hard). I wandered down to the new QS in the lobby to get hot water - no real way of getting this in the room. could buy fresh milk from the QS and keep in the fridge. Hope this helps

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Thank you! I will probably bring tea with us as it costs almost nothing in weight…

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I stayed at beach club (sister property) and don’t specifically remember tea. I feel like I’m remembering a coffee pot, not keurig, but I just had to move it out of the way of the outlets to charge my excessive quantity of electronic devices. I remember it was wet, but not much else about it. Everything else I just shoved behind the lamp.