Yacht Club - Connecting rooms

We are an extended family of 6 and have booked 2 garden view rooms at the Yacht Club. One of our grandsons has autism and would benefit from having the freedom to swap between rooms during his routine sleepless nights. I have heard that there is an noise issue with connecting rooms at the YC but we are prepared to suffer that. Can anybody recommend a pair of suitable rooms in the garden view area?

Trying to move this up for help and connecting another thread about YC connecting rooms

Many thanks for your help…I clearly have no idea how the system works. :frowning:

You absolutely know exactly how to do this! I just think this thread will draw people that may know the answer (hopefully)!

Seems to me that if, as it sounds, connected rooms are the most important thing, you wouldn’t need to do a specific room request. You can set up the fax to say anything you can type in! Pick any room to get into the form, and then paste in the first two sentences of your first post from here. Does that sound right to anyone else?

Thank you very much, I’ll try that.