Yacht Club Breakfast

When staying at the yacht club and doing the disney dining plan what’s best way to do breakfast. are there good counter service restaurants in the yacht club or any gems around the boardwalk?

When we stayed at YC on the DDP, we mostly ate breakfast in our room with items we brought with us from home or purchased at the marketplace. Boardwalk Bakery offered some delicious items for snack credits.

You may find this helpful in planning to make the most of your dining credits.

There’s a new quick service at YC. The offerings look really good.
That saves on having to hike over to BC.

Check out this link:
The Market

For QS you really used to have a choice of the BC marketplace (about 5 mins from YC lobby) or Boardwalk Bakery (10 mins walk). Offerings from BC are basic and not particularly great tasting. Have not experienced new offering in YC.