Yacht Club, Beach Club

We’ve stayed at the Yacht Club the week prior to Thanksgiving the past two years. Made reservations as late as mid-Sept with no problems. This year it’s booked that week already! No rooms available at all. :frowning:

We are considering one of two options: going the week after Thanksgiving or going our usual week but staying at the Beach Club. One big factor for us is the availability of a balcony - ours gets lots of use once we put the kids to sleep. I’ve looked at the TP recommendations for BC rooms, but can’t get a good feel for how many rooms there actually have full balconies. Do all the CL rooms have them?

Thoughts on BC balconies, CL and week before vs week after Thanksgiving are much appreciated!

Go the week after. We did that last year and it was awesome. Low crowds and low wait times plus all of the extra holiday stuff is going at epcot like the story tellers in each country and the candle light processional.

Oh - how could I have forgotten all that fun holiday stuff at Epcot? Now I’m leaning toward that week…

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I wonder if the YC refurb is having an impact on room availability. I am staying BC CL with a group of Liners in May and then again with my family in September. I looked at the room finder and it looks like most of the CL rooms have balconies. But I agree with @Outer1 about going the week after Thanksgiving. We went the week before Thanksgiving last year and loved it. The holiday additions were so fun but I would have loved to have been there with the Epcot storytellers and CLP.

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Is the YC going through a refurb? I’ve seen the information on the BC one, but nothing on YC. It would explain why there are NO rooms available the week before Thanksgiving, when I’ve easily been able to get them for the week in the past few years (sometimes as late as mid-Sept.). Last year was cold though (I think I was there the same general time as you were Kelly) - so I’m worried about the weather in early December.

Yes, it was freezing! I posted of picture of the SAB lifeguards in their winter gear. :laughing: Rumor is that once BC is finished they are moving to the YC.

That would make sense. I’ve tried calling, chatting, etc and no CM wants to admit to anything. :wink:

One day we were there, my kids were the only people in the pool - with lifeguards bundled up like it was sub-zero! They asked where we were from and then just nodded when we said Michigan! lol

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Funny enough the week after the weather was awesome and by the sixth of December it was bordering on hot. It was 70’s or higher the whole week. We got there two days after Thanksgiving. It was 31 when we crossed the state line but never got that cold again.

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YC refurb is supposed to begin after BC refurb is complete.