Yacht Club balconies

Do all YC rooms have the full sized balconies I’ve heard about? We are currently booked in a garden view and looking daily to switch to a water view (currently no availability for discount/ dates).

Yes, all have balconies. In August, our garden view room had a balcony with a lovely view of trees.

We’re booked there in NOv, so I’ve been researching. Seems like 98% of the rooms have balconies, but there are a few odd ones that don’t. There are about 10 different types of rooms (views, furniture, suites, etc.) The room I read about that didn’t have a balcony was on touringplan.com’s room view finder. Someone had entered a note for the room saying it was larger because it was a corner room but didn’t have a balcony. I think it was at the end of the wing that comes down between the front entrance and the wedding pavilion.

We had a tree view. Is that a category? As we entered the resort, I pointed to a room on the 4th floor that was 100% obscured by a giant magnolia tree and said "I sure feel sorry for whoever gets at room! " Yeah, 15 minutes later, that was my room. But as the week went by I grew to appreciate the privacy and really enjoyed the balcony.

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Had CL room at YC with great view of pool and BW, human-sized balcony. Previous 3 stays at CL BC had tiny balcony.

Did you have a pool/ lagoon CL room, @BenF12400 ?

Yes - and not too far from elevator. We had not specified a particular CL room when we booked. We think we made up the difference in price between regular and CL by breakfasts, snacks (better snacks than BC) that were some of our dinners, and my legal-age kids imbibing. Now I know to ask for that view.

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I stand corrected.