Wyndham Garden Lake (Disney Springs hotel) travel/transfer question

My wife and I are hoping to go to WDW in September. The BWV contracts we just acquired will have 90 points available to us that we have to use, so we figured we would plan a workation, where I work during the day from the hotel.

Anyhow, when looking at flight options, flying out on Saturday versus Sunday would save us about $120 in airfare. It would also mean we could have most of Sunday to be in the parks before checking into BWV on Sunday evening.

So…on to my question. I was looking for CHEAP (ideally free) accommodations for Saturday night, and then we could transfer to BWV on Sunday. One option was to take a few of our SSR points (14). My wife would rather we not touch those points for this purpose.

BUT, I also have enough points to book a night at the Wyndham Garden Lake, which is a Disney Springs hotel. What I’m not sure about is the best way to handle getting from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to BWV on Sunday.

Does MEARS Connect do Disney Springs area hotels, or JUST Disney hotels? I presume on Sunday morning, I’d have to resort to an Uber to transfer our luggage to BWV.

But perhaps more savvy travelers have a better (cheaper!) idea?

And…curious what any opinions are of the Wyndham Garden Lake hotel.

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I did find that MEARS Connect DOES, in fact, provide service to the Wyndham Garden Lake hotel. So that’s good news. And, when I priced out an Uber going from there to BWV, it was around $8-$11. Does that seem about right? (I have never Ubered anywhere before!)


That sounds about right but it will also depend on the time. If you are looking to get the Uber Sunday for 11am for example, this Sunday at 11 am check pricing. I can’t imagine it would be over $20 though.

Good idea. I will try to remember to do that.