Wyndham Bonnet Creek

A family friend of ours recently told us he may have access to a free condo at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. If this end up being true we would have to consider staying with them (4 bedrooms?!) As it would potentially save thousands of dollars versus staying onsite. So, how is this place? Is the shuttle any good, would a rental car be necessary, would not having 60 day FPP be that terrible? Thanks for the info!

I have a friend who has stayed in timeshare there and said a car was definitely desirable. We always stay in the bubble but then again, we have never been offered a free condo so close to the parks.

From my experience, you need really only need 60 day FPP for FOP and the new TSL rides and maybe 7DMT so if you can RD those, it would certainly be worth the savings IMO. And FOP and SDD FPP seem to only be available for 60+3 and beyond so if you are looking at going to AK and HS on days 1 or 2, you wouldn’t get those anyway.

I have asked and researched similar question about staying at WBC. I would have to agree with mom4monkeys.
Having your own car or rental is most desirable.
Use Liner ResFinder for ADR and RD the FOP etc type rides

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I’ve stayed there twice: In September 2015 with my son and sister, and in September 2016 in three condos with a total of 11 people. A co-worker has literally millions of Wyndham points and can’t use them all each year until he retires. Stayed for free in 2015 and paid pennies on the dollar for three condos in 2016.

Definitelt recommend a car. We never tried the shuttle but read reviews that weren’t exemplary. The property is lovely and the condos are great, with plenty of baths, in-room washer/dryer. Property has a few pools, miniature golf, playground, etc.

The only real negative is lack of 60-day FPP. If you can live with that, it’s great, since it is sort of in the bubble since it is surrounded by WDW property.

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Thanks everyone for the replies! If it works out that we can stay for essentially free we will go for it. Renting a car is pretty cheap I understand in Orlando, hopefully no parking charge :wink:

Go for it, as others have said there’s always rope drop. If you’re only planning on visiting WDW each day I probably wouldn’t rent a car, as uber/lyft would cost about the same when you consider parking fees. My only hesitation is whether you want a joint holiday with your friends and will you be expected to do everything together.

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