Wyndham bonnet creek - tell me all

Ok I think we’ve decided this is the one. 19 nights June 2015. Looking for reviews tips etc from anyone that has stayed there. Is one tower better than another? Best place to book via? Have been looking at vrbo. Any info would be ace. It will be our first trip to orlando and wdw can’t wait.

I have never stayed there but I thought this thread may help: Wyndham Bonnet Creek - First Time Offsite

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We have stayed there. you definitely need a car, the shuttle can be slow to the parks. We like tower 4 and 5. You can request a park facing view and see fireworks from Epcot some nights but booking thru VRBO you may not have that flexibility.

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I would be interested to know more about the timeshare here.

Thanks @pirategirl007 we’ve decided to get a car so that’s no issue. Who did you book through when you stayed? We don’t want a hotel room but one of the condo style apartments they have.

u can book those through whydham directly. we own whydham points.

We stayed there last summer and it’s truely amazing. I’m an on-site girl, so I was shocked how much I loved it.

Four or five pools, two water slides, a lazy river, putt putt golf. Definitely request a room facing Epcot!! We got the kids bathed and in PJs and then watched illuminations every night from the balcony. Full kitchen is just the best. I’m guessing with 19 park days that you’ll have an annual pass, which will be good for free parking at the parks.

ENJOY! We loved it there.

Thanks @LisaTN appreciate the feedback. We are in orlando 19 nights but looking at a 10 day disney pass. Going to do universal too plus some shopping days at the outlets. What I’d really like is a 14 day disney pass do they exist? It looks like you can get them in uk ir if you live in Europe but we are in Australia. I think the annual pass adds quite a bit more to the cost and we’d only use it this one trip. BC sounds amazing I’m desperate to book but need to be sure we can get the flight dates first!

A little late to the conversation but we are from europe and just booked a Wyndham Bonnet Creek condo for a ridiculously low price through Vacation Strategy. It still sounds a little too good to be true. Does anyone have experience with this?
And a 14 day unlimited pass is available to visitors from Europe… Maybe you know someone who can order it for you and send you the cards? Prices are better than the 10 day US passes! And unlimited water parks admission and park hopper options are included.

Hi Jeske

welcome to the forums!

I’ve booked everything now :smile:
I ended up booking onsite POR for 4 nights and 11 nights offsite at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, then 4 nights at Portofino Bay.
I’ve booked through Ken and Denise Price at Vacation Upgrades. Ken has been fabulous to deal with thus far. I would think their pricing would be similar to Vacation Strategy. From my research those two seem to be the main players in points resale for this property. The pricing is legit. If you are looking for feedback for both players there are big threads on the Disboards.

No worries on the 14 day pass. I’ve got the 10 day one now and am all linked in. we need some rest days anyway :smile:

When are you going? Enjoy your planning!

Thanks for the extra info! Will check vacation upgrades as well. To us the prices for on site resorts are just a little too much. (rather spend that money shopping!) We’ve tried a few off site resorts and villas before but Bonnet Creek seems perfect for this trip.

We are going the first two weeks of May. I just made reservations for the Jedi’s Mickey dinner at DHS…my 8yo will be soooo excited when I tell him.

I am so happy to have found this forum. I get a little crazy excited for these trips and it is fun to see I am not the only one. My husband just laughs at me planning for a trip still so far away :smile:

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Now we’re talking! :smile:
Sounds like you have a great trip planned. Yes my husband thinks I’m nuts too. But he appreciates it when we’re there and all runs smoothly.
Enjoy your planning - lovely bunch of peeps here.

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