The hotel I was looking at only books rooms for 4 and we are a family of 5 (9,7,&4) at the time of travel. I spoke with someone from the hotel and she suggested lying about the # of people and staying in the room… thoughts?

Edited to add: oh gosh! You’re asking about DisneyLAND. Ignore everything I said. Sorry.

Is it on-site or off-site? I wouldn’t fudge the numbers at a WDW hotel because the person who isn’t listed won’t get a Magic Band or any FastPasses or be able to ride the airport shuttle. Not having those perks for one of five would mess everything up. If it’s an off-site hotel then you’d probably be fine.

For WDW hotels that sleep 5 Port Orleans Riverside is a good affordable option.

Oh yes… this was for DL. It’s not a Disney Hotel. SPG. :slight_smile: I saw the flights would be the same to Anaheim so was thinking maybe we could try DL in April! Im to scared to lie though lol. Might just stick with WDW :smile:

We did POR at WDW last time and doing AoA in 5 days! I wish there were more options for families of 5 or more.

Hey @Melany502! I think one more person might be ok because most of the hotels offer a roll away bed. Just think they want to charge for that extra person. What I would do is call anonymously and ask what their policy is for a 5th person. Don’t give them your name yet but say your curious asking for a friend! :wink: I am sure 99% of the time they don’t really check how many in the room. You’ll have an awesome time if you come out this way!!!

Good suggestion, but they do need to know how many in the room in case of middle of the night emergency evacuation ie fire so they have accounted for everyone.

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For your own peace of mind I’d try to get a rollout or something @Melany502, you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder and sneaking into your room. I’m sure Disney will help you out!

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