Wwyd when DH chimes in too late

I know there have been way too many of these posts, but asking anyway. I got ohana dinner for arrival night. . DH and I not big eaters anymore but thought it good idea to then watch HEA from poly beach. DH loves wilderness lodge…should I perhaps go low key and instead of ohana head to wl lobby and then geyser point?

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Yes. Ohana is tough on arrival night because they will be behind schedule and you will be tired and cranky. Easier to head over to WL on your own schedule and not be stressed about your ADR or how much food they’ll serve you at O’hana. Geyser Point for fireworks sounds nice.


I agree done deal and someone else can enjoy my ohana ressie on October 27 at 8 pm…any takers? I will release

We always do Kona on our arrival night. It is one of our sons’ favorites and we find it an easy and great option for that first night. Then you could still watch HEA from the Poly beach if Kona is something you might like. But the WL idea is lovely too!

I will be there then as well. No thank you on the reservation, since we will be a party of 7, but I like the idea of WL for fireworks viewing.