WWYD? Victoria & Alberts or

I posted on chat about how excited I was to get a reservation in Queen Victoria Room at Victoria & Albert for my 13th Anniversary. I checked for a reservation on a whim, without an actual trip planned. I was so surprised to see a reservation available that I didn’t hesitate to grab it and start planning around it. DH is on board, but I’m starting to have second thoughts.

We are a foodie family, dining at many highly rated restaurants around the country, so we don’t mind spending on something truly fantastic. I am actually so food obsessed that I write a food blog! Since I was having these second thoughts, I wanted to hear from you all. I’ve read several reviews, here on the forum, and beyond, but it just has me waffling even more.

Would you keep the V&A reservation in QVR for a cost of just less than $900 (food, wine, tax, tip)? Or would you do the Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour, and we could include DS in our plans, for almost $100 less (with AP discount), then end the day with a yummy table service (even something like HDDR)? Or… do you have other ideas? Keep in mind this is over 4th of July weekend.

I would sincerely appreciate your honest input! TIA!

I don’t know anything about the tour, but I have eaten at the Chef’s table (similar menu, different location/service style) and it was hands-down the BEST meal that I have had anywhere - and I, too, am a serious “foodie” and have eaten at many fine restaurants across the country. Ours came to slightly over $900, but DW and I both added the Kobe Wagu Beef option - which I HIGHLY recommend; it completely redefines what beef can be.


There was a discussion about V&A on yesterday’s “Clean Open Thread” and I posted this link to a thread from a year or so ago where I gave a “photo tour” of the dinner experience.

If it doesn’t link to the exact location, read posts 22-27.

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I read your reviews, and you definitely had me swinging more toward going for it! I also read that you shared a wine service (I think that was your review?). That seems like a good way to keep it in check - both in terms of cost and still getting the full experience.

And - wow! I totally missed this … LOVE these pictures! THANK YOU!

Yes, we shared a wine service.

I did just the normal V&A dining room in the Fall and it was the best meal of my life. I love food and have lived in mostly foodie communities and V&A is still a total standout to me.

I posted my V&A photos on my instagram (liner999) if you want to drool some more after you are done with @bswan26’s!

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Just requested to see your pics on Instagram! Can’t wait, and thank you for sharing your experience! Decision making is not my forte… :grin:

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How much wine are you offered if you split the wine service? DW and I have a reservation in September for the main dining room that we can’t wait to try!

In my view you should, without a doubt, keep the reservation at V&A. The food is fantastic and it is easily one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten in, and one of the courses the best individual plate of food I have ever had.

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“Officially” each wine is a 4 oz pour; times 8 that’s 32 oz of wine. But at least at the Chef’s Table, the pours seemed to be a bit more “generous” than that. DW only had a few small sips of each one (medication issues), and I’m no lightweight when it comes to drinking, but I was pleasantly buzzed by the time dessert came around…

And I will add that the wines were EXCELLENT; the wines we were served are all probably in the $15-20 (or more) per glass if ordered off the “regular” wine menu.