WWYD: TaF early or lunchtime?

I just snagged an 8:10am reservation for Trattoria al Forno and now I’m trying to decide if the new time or the current one I had at 11:55am is actually better.

Here’s some of the relevant factors:

  • Pro-lunch: We will have two groups staying at WL and BLT, so for the earlier time, I think we will need to take two Minnie vans to get to the Boardwalk efficiently, aka added cost. With the old plan, we were already in Epcot and would just leave for lunch.

  • Pro-lunch: We have our last FPP for FEA around 1:45, which worked better with our old plan, but now I’d like to move it up earlier if we don’t have to leave the park for lunch. I’m not having any luck modifying the time, though (group of 5). I suppose we could fill the time with a WS holiday booth lunch tour instead.

  • Pro-breakfast: I think most of our group would prefer to eat breakfast food at an earlier time, not for lunch. Also, my husband and I are doing Takumi-Tei for dinner that night, so TaF for lunch might be too much beforehand. (Maybe?)

  • Pro-breakfast: Epcot opens at 9, and we had a 9:20 TT FPP, so there’s little impact to the rest of our plan.

So, what would you do? Early breakfast or breakfast-for-lunch? Anything I’m not considering?

Thanks all!

Given you will be paying a (not-so) small fortune at Takumi Tei for dinner, I would go for breakfast.

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We recently did TaF “breakfast” at noon and it worked out well. Same as you, we placed it in the middle of our Epcot day. It was a nice break and would be a chance to joyride on the Skyliner midday before or after if you had an interest. Being a character meal, it wasn’t a quick in and out so you might feel rushed if you plan to make rope drop with an 8:10 reservation. Whether it’s too much before your dinner probably depends on what time your dinner is scheduled. We saved most of our pastries for later which helped us not be too stuffed afterwards. Enjoy, it was a really fun experience!


The meal will be the breakfast menu regardless of the time? I think I would want that menu earlier.

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A lot of the menu items are different from typical breakfast fare and there is also a steak and asparagus option, so it can pass for lunch also.


Good point! Dinner is at 6, so we’d have 5-ish hours to regain our appetite :hugs:

I would do lunch. That way you could RD Soarin before TT. How do you have FP+ for both TT and FEA? … are you staying club level?


Another lunch vote.

I wish Disney would fix resort to resort transfers because that is the big thing pushing me toward lunch in this case.


I do not think 4 1/2 to 5 hours gives you enough time between those meals. I have made that mistake in the past, I now give at least 6 hours (7 is better) at Disney.


The Tink is right. I learned the hard way last December (when I was on the deluxe DDP) that Disney really fills you up and you have to give your stomach time to process it all and recover before you start stuffing yourself again.

Incidentally, OP, you have basically copied my plan. I’m doing TaF breakfast followed by T-T dinner. In my case I’m doing TaF at 10.30am and T-T at 5pm. I feel like I’m slightly pushing that a little close, but it’s all they had.

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Not TT, sorry! :woman_facepalming:t2: Spaceship Earth that morning - we have TT later in the week and i got them confused (and also can never remember the tiers there).

Me too! We would do a lot more exploring if resort transfers were easier.

Ah … well in that case, I still recommend lunch and doing Soarin’ at RD before your Spaceship Earth FP.

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Another reservation for 9:15am popped up this evening, so I think that will solve my two biggest issues! My parents can take the monorail from BLT to Epcot, then walk over (so we need only 1 Minnie van then), and that will still give us more time before our Takumi-Tei dinner. I pushed back our earliest FP with no problem. We can do a nice light lunch walking around the holiday booths :+1:t2:

Thanks for everyone’s feedback! Helped me ultimately decide that we needed to err on the side of saving room for our splurge at T-T. Let’s hope it lives up to the rave reviews!

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