Wwyd ssr one night stay?

I have my trip in august booked at our home resort, the Riviera (first time staying there!). I was able to finagle flying down with DD10 a day earlier than planned (hubby will join the following afternoon). Not much was available to book for one night (saturday), but a preferred studio at SSR was available, so I got that and then setup waitlists at the Riviera for one night in either a standard or tower room.
DD and I will be arriving around 5 pm, so we won’t be doing a park, but do want to try to check out the drone show at DS that evening. I’m wondering if I should just cancel my waitlist and be ok with just staying at SSR the evening since we can walk to DS. But also, the logistics the next day of changing resorts (we prefer to uber with our luggage rather than rely on Disney to move it) may be difficult as we will be trying to RD AK to meet our large group of friends there for the day.
I don’t know why I’m agonizing over this decision- I could use some perspective

I would wait list the Rivia, and roll with the plans if possible and then let the waitlist gods decide - you’ve created a nice win/win situation.

I might only waitlist the same room category as your main stay, so if it comes through you have the big advantage of not having to change rooms.

If you stay at SSR then you could just leave your bags at Bell Services before rope drop. Then return to SSR later and Uber over to Riviera.


I talked to DD10 and we agreed to stay at SSR.
We like to avoid busses whenever possible so walking to DS is the plan. I saw a few videos of the drone crowds last night and I do not want to wait for a bus after traveling all day!
Plus I’m excited to explore the resort- we might try to stay there in April.


My thought too. :sunglasses:

Maybe do a drone search here at tp. There was a preview viewing report. Possible it’s seen from Congress Park also. I can’t recall exactly.

I’m hoping by then that SSR will be piping music in for it